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    The most important factor in successful trading

    I believe, its about a solid mindset and practice.
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    Which banks are most reliable and trustworthy for online trading in India?

    But do keep in mind, charges with banks are more on the higher side. For Checking on the reliability of a broker, you must check the broker's membership with exchanges and obviously it must be SEBI registered.
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    As you are new to the stock market, I believe Finvasia would be good for you. You can actually benefit from their brokerage which is zero in all the segments without any hidden costs. Otherwise Tradeplus,zerodha are also good options.Research well before you choose any.
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    Books to read for basic finance & investment knowledge

    The Intelligent Investor was the first one I read. Great one indeed!
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    Is this really a worth while goal?

    I believe its all in your mind! Happiness is a choice, cant be forced!
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    How to start trading

    Yes dealing with psychology is like a challenge. Meditation somehow helps you control your thoughts. We have to be really calm and patient for good results in trading.
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    Mindset of a newbie...

    Correct. Also people need to understand that trading isnt as easy as it seems. Targets must be realistic. Else there would be disappointment and obviously losses.
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    Learning from zero

    Check youtube,for basics. Among books you can try - Guide to Indian stock market by Jitendra gala. Do remember that research is must.
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    Stocks for Long term investments Ideas

    You can also add Bharti Airtel to the list.
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    Is this really a worth while goal?

    Well said. The definition of happy is different for each person.
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    How to be patient

    Yup, there must be a target to achieve.
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    Brokerage charges are more in future than in option??

    Stamp duty and STT are standard charges which cannot be denied, so ideally we can't really do anything about it. But yes brokerage is different with every broker. You can look for economical brokers such as Finvasia, Tradeplus. They have zero brokerage for all segments including Futures and...
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    intraday market

    Totally, Its risky for those who haven't done it yet, so ensure that you know how to do it to avoid losses.
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    Recommended brokers / trading platform

    Agreed, For a beginner who doesn't have much idea about the stock markets, its better to dwell on people's recommendations than just making a random decision and regretting later.
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    How to be patient

    Yeah to some extent. A trading plan helps you stay in line and act when required. It helps me stay calm and avoid unfavorable moves.
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    From where to start investing?

    Well said. Trading isn't everyone's cup of tea. One needs to put in a lot of hard work and devotion to time to have a consistent favourable experience.
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    How to Learn Discipline

    Correct. People take lightly its importance and then end up making mistakes and incurring losses.
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    A beginner, wanted to know some stuff.

    I would say JUST STAY AWAY from such promotions.
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    How to stop repeating same mistakes again and again?

    You are right. We must analyse our mistakes and take steps to avoid them in future.
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    How to Learn Discipline

    Well said. when you have laid down rules, you will tend to follow them and that ill bring some discipline to your trades, else your trades will be all over the places only.