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    No its not pool account, its client collateral account; you can transfer your shares to CCA via Easiest or DIS whichever is convenient to you.
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    @js19 to get margin against your holdings you need to transfer you shares to their CCA account.
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    Need suggestion

    why female candidate only btw
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    From where to start investing?

    Best advice for those who don't have any idea about markets, thanks @GENIETRADE
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    No, they are not available now as omnysys has discontinued NEST plus APIs service. Yes you can still use NEST RTD and that is available for free. You can use NEST plus for charting, both type of charts are available intraday as well historical.
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    My Coffee Can Investing from Diwali 19 to Diwali 24

    @trader.trends thanks a lot for sharing this.
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    Waow finvasia you added one more zero
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    No, no charges are deducted by them except govt taxes, whether you are trading in FnO or in any other segment.
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    Best cheapest commission stock broker in india, please share your personal value.

    Yes they provide BO and CO order. In which segment you are asking about margin?
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    Did you know... Facts related to the markets

    Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in India has the highest number of listed companies in the world with an estimated 5,689 companies.
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    Brainstorming on trading topics

    Thank you for sharing the information @sumosanammain I completely agree with you that reading alone will bring nothing to the plate. It is like you have read everything about swimming but never get into the pool. I know things don't work in that way I myself don't prefer that either, I am not a...
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    Brainstorming on trading topics

    How many books have you read so far? and are you still in reading phase or have started trading and investing as well?
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    which stocks are safe and gives highest return for investment?

    What factors do you consider while picking stocks for investment?
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    I am new to stock market

    :D:D damn true!
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    Low brokerage for options trading

    Finvasia, Their brokerage is absolutely zero in all segments including Future and options.
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    Suggest me Best penny stocks under 10rs?

    Are you still holding ? price is around 2.5 now :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    How is stock trading different than stock investing?

    Very nice explanation with perfect example
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    What are the best indicators available in forex trading?

    Nice post, thanks for sharing.
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    Automated trading

    Thanx for your response.