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    Stock Splits: Are They Good or Bad?

    Typically, splits indicate a trend. So, that's a good sign. They also tell us that the company is performing well. No need to worry about it!
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    Need help to trade better and to trade RIGHT

    Making mistakes does two things: One, it makes you learn new things, and you experience the market in a never-seen way. Two, it makes you realise that you are on the wrong path and you need to correct your course as soon as possible. So, learning from your mistakes and looking at them that way...
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    Thoughts on Risk Management

    Trading in the stock market is all about dealing with risk at different stages of the process. So, be ready to take steps to minimise the risk. Use stop losses and other preventive measures. This is how traders learn to grow and take on calculated risk so they don’t lose money.
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    Cyber Security

    Some great links to help create a safe space for everyone to share how they feel and it’s quite helpful too! Cyber crime has increased and it’s not safe anymore but with proper precaution, it can be easier to manage.
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    Need some suggestions and guidance

    If you are interested in stocks then my advice is to study the sector and the company you are interested in before you invest. There are many sources that can help you in understanding the market and analysing it. Be patient and do not make any decisions hastily.
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    How to Learn Discipline

    Many have suggested meditation but even then, if you don’t actually follow a plan, how will you be able to build on discipline? A plan grounds you and keeps you focused on how to reach the end goal. Discipline is learnt over loss, so you will have to try real hard to win.
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    luck based trading

    Luck is by chance but through hard work, you will be able to understand the market and make the right choices for your plan. It is not easy but to trade efficiently, patience and determination play key roles as skills. Decisions can’t be made based on luck but analysing and strategising...
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    Hello Everyone!! Pranay Here

    Hi there Pranay, welcome to TJ! Wishing you all the patience you need to make a good profit. Good luck!
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    Reading books written on a subject is a surefire way to educate yourself on it. Similar to this, reading books about various instruments, investment methods, and even the autobiographies of successful investors can teach you a lot about the stock market. Trading is difficult work, and those who...
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    Hello, great to be on this forum

    Hi there! How have you been? For how long have you been trading?