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    Reliance Stock - Results soon.

    I am long on Reliance Industries from 990 and like to ask how RIL generally reacts every time around results... ? Does it rise before results and then fall down quickly, OR, what is the general behavior of the stock - Plz inform. My target 1045, but I cannot understand that after results...
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    Trade Tiger - Tips, Tricks and Hints

    Guyz, I have similar question regarding brokerage, especially Options in terms of Per/Lot. I do not trust low cost brokerage companies and hence want to move to any Top tier broker if they provide any better price. Please help me in my dedicated thread...
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    Options Brokerage - Suggestion

    I am on sharekhan and am getting Rs.25 per lot. for options. I trade around 7-8 lots of nifty on almost daily and I feel its a little higher. I am not taking into consideration all super low cost brokerage houses at all. I just want to know how much more are they charging compared to top...
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    Delivery of Stock - When appear in account ?

    Hello, I just took delivery of reliance shares today in cash. Like to ask - is it possible now for me to sell tomorrow immediately if in profit ? It doesn't seem to appear in my account yet, so will it take compulsory T+3 days to appear in my account to sell ? - So, now I wont be able to...
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    What is bhav copy of bse and nse ?

    Can any1 pls guideme frm NSeindia homepage where i have to go to get Bhavcopy for F&O. Also, say if i want Bhavcopy for last 5days.. how can i get tht?
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    Trade with options data Part 2

    KiranJakka, According to the OI ain't we seeing strong buildup on 5300CE, indicating even if market go downwards its limited to 5300? Also, what the nifty max upwards target as per OI as you can see.
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    How to read OI - Please Help

    Reggie, What i wana see is a simple chart where i can see OI is increasing or decreasing. Example like below [Pic taken frm sum other thread here] - I can clearly make out OI is increasing with price so stock is very strong. similar way how can i see in my terminal as there is no...
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    How to read OI - Please Help

    No i can confirm no such thing available
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    How to read OI - Please Help

    I am having tradetiger terminal but i don't know how to see OI on my terminal. Like in the attached pic, how can i know in Nifty Futures, OI is increasing or Decreasing -- Do i need to see %change OR OI Difference OR OI Difference Percentage ? IF it's in a chart format it can be very easy...
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    Sharekhan Tiger Trade Review

    I have serious issue here with 2.2, if you just tellme if you are having similar problem or not: PS: As i have already posted on another thread here, instead of re-posting pls visit the link...
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    Sharekhan - TradeTiger - Review

    Finally after speaking with them they have uploaded 64bit version :) Anywys, there are certain small problem which i am facing. I request you to have a look at the image and tellme if you folks are having similar issue. 1] The buy/sell box i am getting is extremely large. Anyway to set it...
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    Sharekhan - TradeTiger - Review

    As there was no other option, i had to install 32bit version, seems okay lets see if there is any bug once the market opens. PS: Nobody here uses a x64 OS?
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    Sharekhan - TradeTiger - Review

    Man, Reread my post, i said there is NO 2.2 TT for 64bit OS. If u try to install TT 2.2 x64 frm their website, 2.1 gets downloaded.....
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    Sharekhan - TradeTiger - Review

    Guyz, Am on 64bit OS and when i try to update frm their website it only gives me TT 2.1. Only if u click 32bit OS link u get 2.2 version. Talked to sharekhan but they are so ignorant tht they cant understand what i am saying !!!! They tells me to install 32bit version. You guys have...
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    Put option declining price - Why ?

    On Friday (dec 16) market closed at 4650 and today monday(Dec 19) at 4613, Then still why on both days 4700PE closed at exact same 140Rs. ? Market closed lower today then shouldnt it close 4700PE close higher today as compared to Friday. Also, as markets are below 4700 mark, don't i earn...
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    Nifty & N. Futures Charts... Which Website?

    iamaaditya Thx buddy, you got me a spot-on answer :) I was visiting the same page on Nseindia, but was looking only on "Live Indices Watch" and hence couldn't get future movements. :cheers:
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    Sharekhan's Trade Tiger 2 Feedback Thread

    Thx, i also found another solution... just right click -> select column chooser and drag n' drop whatever column you require. I have 2 new questions : 1] Whenever i double-click on any script, the chart opens on Right corner of the screen. I find this inconvenient, is there a way to change...
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    Sharekhan's Trade Tiger 2 Feedback Thread

    I just installed new version of TT, and i wana know: How can i delete unwanted colums? I want to delete - Bid qty & last traded qty colum, how can i ? Also, i found the themes extremely bright and ugly... i guess they have gone blind to have choosen all high contrast colors as themes.
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    Nifty & N. Futures Charts... Which Website?

    Thx man for the link :) Is there a way to see entire intraday movement after the market hours? I mean if i click link and tinker with settings it's showing charts with 3months, 2months data... BTW, why no Nifty Futures figures on official NSEIndia website Or am i missing it ?? IF anybody...
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    Nifty & N. Futures Charts... Which Website?

    None of the above was of use to me... I am still looking for answers. BTW, plz tellme Nifty Futures: High/low and close on 14-oct-2011.