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  1. The Pig

    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    Thanks a lot for being here and helping me with my learnings. All the best for your future endeavours
  2. The Pig

    Ninja trader ---help

    Can anyone let me know how I can get RTD and EOD data of NSE in Ninjatrader8. Free or paid, anything is fine. Thanks.
  3. The Pig

    Cup and Saucer handle

    Its a double bottom, not cup and handle, the confirmation is after it breakouts beyond point C. The buy point isn’t point D, since there is no confirmation yet.
  4. The Pig

    Does NSE Listen to genuine complaints about brokers?

    Zerodha is worst when it comes to integrity.Things like this keep happening. i tried closing position once, it didn’t show any order, after sometime,something like order rejected, I placed sell order again and then both orders got executed..! I didn’t observe and had to close position again...
  5. The Pig

    option scalping trading diary.

    Amazing trades. I have few questions though, 1) is it just gut instincts,do you check charts,patterns and other such things? 2) Do you sell CE/PE together and later close whatever is non profitable or else you buy just one side and close it and buy other side based on market? 3) let’s say you...
  6. The Pig

    Advance Price Action Trading with Demand Supply & More

    Bro, is the DZ/SZ marking correct? whats the probability of the zones holding since its only one candle. is it better just to avoid such trades?
  7. The Pig


    And the Cougar talks so much, By the way you msg, by the way you act about being right, I am pretty sure you are the one with informal meaning
  8. The Pig


    What’s right or wrong, this guy is deciding for us. He is also a coding genius,probably he is Gosling, Thorvaldsen, Bill gates, Zuckerberg, no wait he is Ritchie himself..!!! But still he trades for fun. Now, Amibroker is the greatest software created in the entire universe, everything else is...
  9. The Pig

    A Career in Trading

    Heyyy, I am in, I am from Bangalore too. I am ok with web group and also with physical location too.
  10. The Pig

    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    Bharti Airtel Puts is increasing exponentially to price,anyone have any views on why such thing happens? Friday - 375PE was at 6.3 @385 Today - 375PE is at [email protected] Result is next week.
  11. The Pig

    My trading Diary - 10k to 1Lakh – Time ASAP

    I had stopped buying options before results. But Infy was an exception because I read the chart,it was moving sideways from few days without much volume,so I decided that it might rise after results. I studied the earnings reports (not in depth) of few previous quarters and checked earnings...
  12. The Pig

    My trading Diary - 10k to 1Lakh – Time ASAP

    I started this thread to cultivate those habits,I feel I am confident on my trades,so much confident that I hold loss making positions without selling them and end up in more losses..!!!!! But I am indisciplined, I trade impulsively once in a while,almost once a week which needless to say ends...
  13. The Pig

    My trading Diary - 10k to 1Lakh – Time ASAP

    This weeks trades: Monday- Had carried profitable Infy820CE(21k) without booking profits thinking it will rise after results. It has gone down. Averaged it everyday..!!! Not booked losses yet. Over the week, kept buying and selling Infy750PE, which I had bought for purpose of hedging 820CE...
  14. The Pig

    Do I have what it takes to become a Professional Trader

    Had read somewhere ‘Lose your opinion, not your money’. As per my personal experience ‘Hope and Pray’ are the greatest indicators to sell a stock,it’s 99%accurate. Even I am struggling to overcome this.
  15. The Pig

    My trading Diary - 10k to 1Lakh – Time ASAP

    Monday - The unrealised loss from last week turned to loss. (- 7150) Friday - added 1L since I thought I had an opportunity in Infy. 15 trades total while keeping Infy position open (added winners, pyramiding carrying it to next week). Did few usual mistakes like adding losing positions (TCS...
  16. The Pig

    My trading Diary - 10k to 1Lakh – Time ASAP

    This week’s trades, Fund on Monday : 21000 Fund Now : 18800 ( 13475 held in position, -7000 unrealised loss) ICICI - Over traded Monday , profit of 2065. held losing position for next day. ICICI 420PE -Wednesday,made a loss, didn’t have the conviction to hold position,though charts indicated a...
  17. The Pig

    My trading Diary - 10k to 1Lakh – Time ASAP

    3 trades today. ICICI Bank - first trade in profit 1502 ICICI Bank - Second trade in profit 687 ( chased price, bad habit again) ICICI Bank - Third trade in loss, carrying tomorrow,want to stop this habit, but expecting a gap down tomorrow. ( Had an option to close this in...