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    Trading in US mkt from india..

    I'm also looking out for this information. Can you kindly provide me more details about IB? IciciDirect supports Overseas Trading. I've opened account which is still in progress. But I'm interested in knowing other options. Regards, Praveen.
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    Which internet connection is GOOD ?????

    I'm in Bangalore and have been using Airtel since two years. They also provide landline phone along with net connection. Combo plan means broadband with landline phone connection plans. There are various plans available. The service has been excellent. Haven't faced any server...
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    Stop loss order in reliance money

    Could be the problem with RM. Talk to customer care.
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    Elliott wave analysis

    Wave 1 started from June low. Failed flat.
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    Elliott wave analysis

    Alternate count for the current bear market is marked on Nifty. Weekly and daily charts are attached.
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    Elliott wave analysis

    Hi, We had a strong bull market from 2001 lows. Interesting fact while trying to label was, during the final stage of development, all the waves started overlapping with previous waves. Overlapping in bull market means Case 1: The wave is subdividing Case 2: Correction following Five wave...
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    Price only showing closing

    First make sure the chart type is set to other than Line. Eg. Bar, Candlestick,etc. Upload the screenshot for your problem.
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    New members: Please read this

    I've updated with the correct link. Kindly check the first post now. Thanks.
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    How to remove this nuisance?

    Most probably you should have pressed the "reverse p". Press that again, and it should work fine. Its working fine for me here with the doc you'd attached. Refer: Praveen.
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    How to configure amibroker?
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    Good point.
  12. B Kolkata Meet

    Expected you will have beard, but not French beard! :) Imagined someone like the picture posted by CV recently!
  13. B Kolkata Meet

    Wow...I have missed a great meet. Will surely attend the next meet, for sure. Saint...Saint...Saint. I was really surprised when I saw your picture. Young and looking smart, really. My imaginary picture about you, previously, was totally different. I'm glad having seen your picture. Its from...
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    AmiBroker formula Language

    I don't know whats MACD5131-SIGNAL1 means. Your IIF's are actually doing AND conditions, which is correct, I guess.
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    AmiBroker formula Language

    Don't user Cross in this case. Cross will return True only for the case when the actual cross happened. In your case, Cross most probably will happen at different times for three times. Hence use '>' symbol directly.
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    Amibroker Help

    http://finance.groups.**********/group/amibroker-beta/files/ ********* is y a h o o . c o m File: SlideShowFiles It has a bug. It doesn't clean the Amibroker root directory after finishing the slide show. Try it and you will understand what I'm saying.
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    Amibroker getting wrong quotes!!

    Possibilities: 1. The data source had wrong quotes. 2. You imported it wrongly. Say you are doing a back fill on EOD. By mistake you might miss importing previous trading days data while importing for Nth day. You can fix this by Delete Session. Fix: Try importing that day's data alone...
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    About GFX Programming

    No idea. Check Amibroker y a h o o Groups.
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    Amibroker: Links, Articles, discussions & more

    New links have been added to the first post of this thread.
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    Margin Amount

    Nice. I've added a link to this post in "New members: please read this" thread.