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  1. PuffQueyFantastic

    Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

    Basically, it already has led us to some kind of crash. However, fortunately, we handled it and nowadays we still struggle with those changes which happened to the market because of coronavirus. In my opinion, traders and investors always have to be ready for such things. Investors should keep...
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    What are basic things that everyone should know before going in Intraday trading??

    I should say that you definetely need to learn money and risk management in order to save your money from the absolute loss on the market which is highly likely to happen when we talk about intraday trading.
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    How to start trading

    There is nothing difficult to start off trading activity. Everything you need is just to understand what do you want to get from trading activity and what type of trading is the most preferable for you. There are short term trading activity and long term trading activity or investments. All of...
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    How to start trading

    If you are going to trade manually, I mean without trading bots, then I would recommend trading long-term. Scalping and short-term trading presuppose high psychological pressure and sitting before your computer screen all day long in order to get several pips from a deal. Long-term trading is...
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    Which is the best investment advisory ?

    I have no idea which of them are the best, you'd better look for their feedbacks, but they can either help you earn more or lose everything because there is lots of scam in this field.
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    When most others oppose a very strong conviction of yours

    It only works if you have enough expertise in that. There are so many people who trade against the market and fail because they are strongly convinced that they are absolutely right and people around them are idiots.
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    How to find good stocks ?

    If you want to trade instead of investing, I wouldn't recommend you to trade with stocks. I would prefer trading more volatile instruments like currency pairs or cryptocurrencies.
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    How to Successful Forex Trading Mindset?

    I believe that to succeed in trading, and you need to be purposeful, always learning a lot, and not to leave the business halfway. Only those who have not given up are now on top and enjoy the rewards of their work.
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    LMI prop - account types review. Opinions wanted.

    It could be, I agree. But IMHO trading futures, anything that is above $500 of a daily limit - that's good enough. $250 that they've got for mini accounts can be really dangerous. It's like making one trade a day. If its a loss - you don't have a chance to make up for it. The thing is that...
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    LMI prop - account types review. Opinions wanted.

    That actually makes sense, thanks! I used to think that the ratio is the same for all account types and that's how they caculate the profit target, but it's actually not 8-) MINI and medium accounts have around 71% of the profit target risk. Small has got the most favorable 79% and with larger...
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    What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

    The main mistake of beginner traders is greed. Most beginners come for easy money, thinking that they can earn thousands of dollars without doing anything. You need to understand that trading is a complex structure, which should be studied for years. That's why beginners need to carefully manage...
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    OlympTrade - Whether we can trust this broker or not?

    Well, there are quite a few trading platforms that can compete with MT4. Futures traders often use Sierra Charts or NinjaTrader, etc. The good thing about MT4 (and Olymp's desktop app has got the same advantage actually) - it's free for traders to use. The broker is the one who pays for the...
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    LMI prop - account types review. Opinions wanted.

    The mini account has got only $500 max drawdown allowed, which is very little for futures. IMO that's a meat grinder for traders. Intuitively, 50k or 30k accounts looks more or less fair, but I'm afraid I'm missing something here. There must be some reliable scientific method to calculate the...
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    LMI prop - account types review. Opinions wanted.

    I want to try myself in futures trading. Don't want to invest too much form the very beginning and I think that trading with a prop firm can be a good start to test the skills with a moderate risk. Demo is good, but not the same as trading when you actually risk something. LMI (Liberty Markets...
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    Money saved in this lockdown on

    I saved the most money on transportation, too, as I almost stopped going out of my house and going somewhere at all. But at the same time, my food and entertainment expenses have increased. I ordered food delivery a lot because I didn't always want to cook for myself. I also got myself a...
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    OlympTrade - Whether we can trust this broker or not?

    I'd say its neither better that any other regulator, nor worse. The rules there are very similar to CySEC, but the difference is that they don't place any leverage caps on brokers that work under their authority.
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    how to write in mt4

    You can hire some MT4 programer for this task if you are not able to make it possible by yourself, I assume it's totally cool and clear for many possible reasons absolutely and entirely. We need to move up with such topics later.
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    Is Daytrading dangerous?

    We all have our trading time preferences. There are some that prefer day trading and others prefer night trading. Honestly I do not see anything wrong with it. It is you that decides when you want to trade. Also we are not all in the same time zone. Depending on the trading platform there are...
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    Basic question about Increasing risk level and Position sizing

    I do not know if I have got this corectly but what you are saying is that you want to increase your risk but you are not allowed to go higer. If you cannot go higher then it is for a good reason. We all know the importance of having less risks. Rase your risk percentage t the accepted...
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    Should all the Coronavirus patients be deported to China ?

    At any case no, cause we really do not know what exactly happened with them absolutely, I do need to get real with such matters, I am glad to see that pandemy really going slower and slower with their life absolutely and entirely.