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    Silver is Gold

    the great Mozart music:
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    Alert - Gold [Daily chart]

    Accounting for inflation and the fair value of Silver: The Curious Case For $936 Ounce Silver: India's gold holding through ETFs reach 40,000 Kg...
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    What you do in week ends?

    RE:What you do in weekends? Socialize = meet up new hot gals, and finally have a beautiful weekend.
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    Why do so many aspiring traders only lose money?

    They DO NOT understand the BUSINESS.
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    Flash Crash - wipes $60bn off India shares

    Hello All, So, just similar to US, they have started to make people "popat" here in India too? Flash Crash - wipes $60bn off India shares
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    which broker is best in india for forex trading, ironfx or exness?

    It doesn't need to be India specific ... when the law has not given a green signal, how can any respectable broker open their shop here. The above mentioned names are just fly by night 'bucket shops'. Beware. If you have to give your hard earned money to someone, find the most trusted broker at...
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    What kind of Internet Connection are you using to trade forex

    DEPENDS. I make 2 or 3 trades in a month. For me most oldest & slowest internet connection is not a problem because I trade inter weeks/days. I'm in no hurry. For a scalper - they make 100 trades in a day - they'll be dead if they use my net connection ... again ... DEPENDS. hope u...
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    RBI Likely to Impose Curbs on Gold Coin Sale !!

    Refer: Or "...If Real Money (Gold) gets in more public hands, demand/usage for fake money (paper currency) may get injured." - Unknown
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    Is there any expert whose method or strategy is 100% successful.

    you've done 3/4 years in technical reading BUT you've skipped first few basic chapters. leave technicals and learn about the literature of trading written by top traders (not Indian clowns). Go back, do your homework sincerely.
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    Forced Sterilization of Indians by UK Fund

    From the UK newspaper The Observer: Read about it here, here & here:
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    Alert - Gold [Daily chart]

    sweet drop! :thumb: Thanks for your input. I agree with you - but partially. Yes, of course Gold is strongest under the present economic environment (read last 9 years). Central Banks worldwide are in buying frenzy of physical bullion. we need to understand the difference between...
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    Alert - Gold [Daily chart]

    Hello friends, I see a situation has developed in Gold (daily chart) where there could be both - a valid long and/or a short position (use your own discretion): 1) Long Setup: Entry: current price level Stop Loss: US$1607/1606 2) Short Setup: Entry: current price level Stop Loss: US$...
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    The Bulls, The Bear & A J0ker

    Re: Trade #3:TataMotors-280-PE GOTCHAAAA !!! That was a looong wait, ... but it was Worth it!
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    The Bulls, The Bear & A J0ker

    Trade #4:TataMotors-290-PE-Apr I guess this would be the 4th bearish signal. Appears to me as a weak shorting sign because trendline (ticked) was not kissed. Monday I'll try to get @ Rs. 6.00 or better in the 290-PE-Apr.
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    The Bulls, The Bear & A J0ker

    Good Bets for Apr '12 === Good Bets for Apr '12 === Long Kingfisher Airlines @ 18/20 range. Long HDFCBank @ 515/525 price range. Long IDBIBank @ 105/106 range. Long ICICIBank @ 885/895 range. * always implement a SL in accordance with risk appetite (maybe 5 or 10%). These scripts...
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    pls tell simple strategy in intraday cash market!!

    I think it has been told 10000s of times before ... Here's something you can start out with: Also...
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    Metastock or Moneycontrol stockcharts???

    I myself use moneycontrol as it suits my requirements - I'm NOT an intraday trader - I trade intraweeks more of swing type. What about people - intraday traders who needs 1/15/30 min/hourly charts with no delay? Can moneycontrol handle that? Why only viratech? how about these providers...
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    The Bulls, The Bear & A J0ker

    About Orders & it's Flow... About Orders & it's Flow... Hello friends, Here's something quiet informative I tumbled upon while surfing ...
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    The Bulls, The Bear & A J0ker

    Warning: Statutory Warning: