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    Health insurance for family

    I am 22 years old, can I buy a family health insurance for my parents?
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    Is it right time to invest in Banking mutual funds?

    I have just answered a similar question few minutes ago so below is the link where you can find my answer:
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    Banking sector funds

    That’s a great feeling you have about investing in MFs. I will suggest you to check DBS Bank India’s mutual fund schemes as your invested capital is protected no matter what happens in the financial market.
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    Loan For Second Hand Car

    Where can I get finance for buying a second hand car?
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    Loan for business equipment

    May I know where to look for to get loan for commercial equipments?
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    Finance for vehicle loans

    I am planning to start a tourist business in partnership. So my question is can I avail commercial vehicle loans under partnership?
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    Possible to take education loan from multiple banks for the same course?

    I think a better way of getting the finance for your education is to acquire a gold loan and use that fund for you education purpose. So avail as much loan as possible from one particular bank and then the rest of the finance can be acquired through loan against your gold as in this there is no...
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    Different types of travel insurnace policy

    What is the difference between a single trip and a multi trip travel insurance policy?
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    Hospitalization during travelling

    If I get hospitalized unexpectedly during my travel and because of which my travel insurance expires, then will I get any kind of cover?
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    Home Insurance

    Need a trustworthy insurance company for availing a home insurance plan.
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    Auto Insurance

    Looking for a suitable auto insurance company..
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    Tips for travel insurance

    Can I get some tips to buy the right travel insurance plan..?
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    Basic Question on Trading!

    Agree with Reggie.. :thumb:
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    Are you a winner or loser in stock market

    I gave my vote to the third option. So this says that I am still in the learning process and it now that I understanding the tricks and trade of the market..:)
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    Can I make a living out of Trading only?

    Make trading as your additional means of income and not the only means of income. Trading is a very risky business similar to gambling, so you never no when your luck runs out and give heavy losses to you. So its best to make trading as one of your interests and stick to your regular job.
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    hello everyone.......

    Hello everyone, I am new here but my intention to join traderji to make good relations with all of you..