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    Please Suggest a good book on Money Management?

    Yes, I hope not only you, most of the people needs to understand or should get good books about money management, Because money is hard to earn but very easy to fly out from you
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    Personal Loan Query

    Its most easy and fast to approved loan against property. There might be no much difference between the loans available on different bank. The only different might be in the documentation, loan clearance time or sometime in small fraction of interest rate.
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    The Benfits and Importance of Life Insurance Policies

    Any kind of Insurance always comes handy if do this with proper analysis and knowing all the terms and conditions very carefully.
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    home loan

    Now a days many banks are offering home loan. And its very easy to get without much documentation. You check out some of the well know banks for the offer they are providing with the loan.
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    How to be Safe from Recession ?

    I didn't think recession effect in large. If it really effect then why people don't start discussion?
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    Why Does Volume Matter?

    Hi sanjaynjain, The article you provided is very useful. In the article you did mentioned about the timing. Can you reveal the techniques or tips on the basis of timing used while trading on stocks? Regards Oswal
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    Best way to place GTC trailing stop...

    Hi, In online trading most of the software provide the utility of GTD i.e Good till date potions are provided. It is updated version of GTC. If you culd disclose the software your are using, then i could help you out. Regards Oswal
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    What could be a reasonable stop loss in options trading?

    Hi , Your post seems to be interesting, i followed your first option can you explain me the 2nd option that you provided. I wanted to know the practical way of performing it. Regards Oswal