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    Windows vista

    Hi guys, I am contemplating installing vista. If anyone using vista has faced any problems with any Java based application or any trading platform like tt, pib, e-signal please let me know.
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    PIB Users

    Just to let all PIB users know that the latest Jre 6 version 1 update caused a malfunction in PIB in all my machines. Luckily uninstalling it fixed the problem.
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    Revision of market lots

    Here is a circular issued by the NSE to this effect. High time and most welcome. Could be a result of the discussions here, more power to traderji. NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE OF INDIA LIMITED FUTURES AND OPTIONS SEGMENT CIRCULAR Circular No.: NSE/F&O/010/2007...
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    Rock solid movie

    Watch this inspiring movie at
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    An article worth reading

    For brokerages here, it's always time to buy PRAVIN PALANDE TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2006 03:35:01 AM] MUMBAI: Ever since the markets have been on a roll, brokerage houses have done brisk business. Every investor is dying to lay his hands on the equity analyst report...
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    Is Shorting Ethical ?

    I make this post because I see many boarders showing a sympathetic attitude to a falling market and making a villain out of a correction or even a short term bear trend whereas the fact is that it is the markets way of flushing out the excesses of the previous move. No market can remain in a...
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    Karvy, Indiabulls barred

    The news on TV says Karvy and Indiabulls among others have been barred from the markets. Although the implications on the retail account holder are not yet clear anyone having a clear picture could give his views on this matter. If I remember rightly one member Mohammedbinhaid has claimed...
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    sick post

    Hey friends , It seems we have a sick guy going by the handle of sanjay555 in our midst. Check out the intro thread of hong kong guy saying hi. Help get him off our site. Vince
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    A bit of humor

    Here's a bit of humor to lighten your day. Stockbroker: What is a million years like to you? God: Like one second. Stockbroker: What is a million dollars like to you? God: Like one penny. Stockbroker: Can I have a penny? God: Just a second ... I hear that you drop some money in Wall...
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    Thought for the day

    Have faith that , despite appearances , people are doing the best they can.
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    11 Kolkatta brokers banned

    Hi everybody, Todays cnbc news flash reads 11 Kolkatta brokers banned from trading capital markets by Sebi Does it mean that their broking capacity ceases to exist and if so, my question is what happens to their clients who are having open positions / deposits / margins lying with them ...