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    Total Value Addition mystery

    Dear rvm123, Thanks for the clarification, but I could get the value which is mentioned in the following 'Total Value addition' by your formula .. If I do Turnover - raw material cost for the above, it's different
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    Total Value Addition mystery

    Dear Veterans, Plz help me to understand "Total Value Addition" term and how to calculate it. It is mostly available in all moneycontrol balance sheet. Though I googled to get some info, but I am not satisfied. Thanks in advance!!
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    technicals anylasis videos

    Thanks buddy!!! Keep it up!!
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    Namaste to all!!

    a new member just joined a couple of days back, but now I realized that I am very late comer to here ... I should have been here quite long ago .. though much interested in stock markets .. but was not systematic, risk conscious and analytic .. so I lost much money that I earn I would like...