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    Kindly suggest about Adani enterprises Ltd

    Don't afraid of the current situation, wait till Dec2012 as you have already passed one year without booking loss. All the best...
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    Intra Day success with psychological approach

    I am having 4 years direct experience so I like to share some points which I experienced in most of the winning trade... I think it may help friends.... 1. First of all check out europian market closing, accordingly take decision. 2. Classify entire day into three phases. 9.15am -10am,10am...
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    Trade with Simple Strategies

    William%R Can any body tell the use of William%R in any chart please?
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    Only thing unless anyone in Bangalore they would noto you to open a/c. It is to be mailed and another thing you have to an a/c with HDFC thats all.
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    Sector wise trading chart

    Thank you boss. I wanted to get chart of just broad sector like banking, IT, Steel etc. Whatever you told is absolutely correct regarding selection of strongest one. Is there any chart available of multiple stocks in same sector for comparison?
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    SH's 315 Strategy - how to use if effectively

    Could you give some psychological idea rather than technical talk?
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    Sector wise trading chart

    Can anybody tell me from where i can get Sectorwise daily trading chart? Pls.
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    Will take solution hit 60

    I am having take solution [email protected] is it time to wait for 60 or should come out at 23?
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    Re: dow 200 points down Nifty may go up to 4850 level and from there it will bounce back...
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    Latest brokerage charges

    what is the brokerage charge of Kotak securities?
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    New member

    Hello to all, I am going to become a member of your fAmily with more than six months experience of Intraday. There are lots of probability and scope of putting your mind which drives me to come to you. All the best.