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    reducing losses and averaging

    GMRINF qty 1000 bought 216.27 CMP 164.20 JAICOR qty 200 bought 1,306.80 CMP 652.00 POWGRI qty 1000 bought 133.25 CMP 106.80 TORPOW qty 1000 bought 211.01 CMP 138.20 RELNAT qty 1500 bought 175.60 CMP 125.10 Hi friends i bought the above when the...
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    online trading

    I need to switch to another trading site besides ICICIDIRECT, Any options? Can some guide me as ICICIDIRECT has been blocked for trade for me by my office. I need to switch from ICICI. Regards
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    hero honda

    Need help on Hero Honda... it has been dragging feet and not moving above the 750 levels at all.. i picked it over 800. Does it look like it will touch new highs or should i exit. thanks your help.
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    TCS Bonus share

    I am holding 150 shares of TCS which i purchased in May 2006. DO i qualify for the Bonus shares and if so then when do the share reflect in my account. I trade long term on ICICIDIRECT but till date this is not showing in my account. I have received a dividend in my account but not this...
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    Friends i have been traveling the whole of last week. Have i missed the bus on the Hindalco Rights Issue?? cheers
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    IPO - ICICIBank

    Issue price / Floor Price (Rs) 505-545 Please can someone advise if this is over priced. Would it be worth applying for this IPO. I have applied for several IPO's throught the ICICIdirect website but have never got any allocation till date. The biggest dissapointment was Sulzon where i...
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    Should i buy now

    Dear Traderji & the Gurus, Need some help on investing longterm.Shorlisted a few. Can i go for the ones listed. ================ Wipro Glenmark PHarma ITC Hindalco RIL Geometric soft solutions ================= thankyou.
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    seek your dream today

    Trouble arrives in measures, and we stack it up real high, until we're convinced, we have no reason to try. If you feel defeated, you're absolutely wrong, for if you follow your dream, you could never lose for long. Ignore the minor set-backs that pile up and trouble you, or you will...
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    New a/c ICICI direct

    Can any1 help me with this. I have tried to open a DEMAT a/c with ICICI as i have a existing NRE a/c with them. Its over a month and till date my acct is not activated. I have been reading various threads on the ICICI issue and i am terribly discouraged. Should i now open another demat...