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    Buying shares before split or after split

    Lof of times the price rises after a split so its better to buy before split.
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    Which stocks are fundamentally good in NSE

    Do you want to trade or do you want to invest?
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    Restoring Traders/Investors Faith into Investing

    That is my point, you read it as 1 year or 2 year performance, that is misleading. Einstein posted the annualised returns, check that number. Thanks Einstein
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    Restoring Traders/Investors Faith into Investing

    @Einstein what is your annualized return? The 500% + return looks good but it does not convey the time it took, so annualized return would be better metric.
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    Anyone Received Notice for Trading in Bitcoins?
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    Stock investing for DUMMIES

    What was your total return for the whole period?
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    Never give up in Life but it's good to give up in Trading..

    This is why some of the richest men in the world are investors not traders. My advice to newbie traders is to paper trade for atleast 6 months, if you are not making money paper trading then its time to rethink.
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    Pending buy orders at specific price by others

    I am pretty sure they are providing that data to institutional investors and charging lot of money for it.
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    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas :)

    Merry Christmas to all
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    Pending buy orders at specific price by others

    Lot of broker terminals should be able to provide that info, its called Order Book
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    Which websites do you use for help wit Fundamental Analysis?

    I used and, they have lots of charts for fundamental analysis.
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    How do you accept an Buy Back Offer in Sharekhan?

    The company will send you letter which has all the details.
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    Tension Free Safe Earning with Trading

    Just ask yourself, if this was possible, wouldn't everyone do it?
  14. A has anybody revieed?

    Stay away from it, looks scammy.
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    how to become certified share market trainer

    Are you making money as an investor or a trader, if not what are you going to teach others?
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    BTST Profit Target and Delivery Handling Charges

    Tell him that you will go through the annual report of the company, he wont bother you again.
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    Stocks at 52 week high or low

    Search moneycontrol
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    Trading Experience

    There is a reason why scalping is called picking up pennies in front of a road roller. Did you paper trade before trading with real money?
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    What is the due date to submit annual report for listed companies?

    I think the companies have to submit the report 21 days before the company has its general meeting to the shareholders and they have to submit the report to the exchange in few weeks after the meeting.
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    Are Indian markets overvalued?

    PE of 21 is a bit overvalued. You can check the chart the long term Nifty PE chart here Nifty PE chart