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    RBI Approval Letter for NRI Demat A/C

    Yes I have written to them many times. I have written to the branch manager, also written to PINS NRI Cell who is responsible for getting RBI approval. In my case, my previous RBI approval was forwarded by ABN Amro Bank to ICICI for transfer and update. ICICI had confirmed receiving this...
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    RBI Approval Letter for NRI Demat A/C

    I am NRI from USA. 7 yrs ago I opened Demat A/C at ABN Amro. 2 yrs ago I moved my Demat A/C to ICICI. At the time ABN Amro gave NOC and any other documents asked by ICICI to meet RBI requirements. Now after 2 yrs ICICI has frozen my Demat account. They need a copy of RBI approval letter. All new...
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    NRI in USA need help with PAN Card

    NSDL has now made it mandatory for all NRI also to have a PAN Card to maintain a demat account in India. But I don't know how to get it. I finally found an online application form on UTI web site. But the form is asking for an address in INdia and proof of my address like a "ration card". I...
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    NRI investment in India

    I am an NRI living in USA. I have bank account & Demat account in India. My bank does not offer any service to buy/sell shares or mutual funds to NRI from USA. Any suggestions ?? I was hoping not to change my bank since I can monitor & manage my bank account & Demat accounts on internet. Please...
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    Mutual Fund Investment for NRI from USA

    I am an NRI living in USA. Can some one help me how I can invest in Mutual Funds in India. How difficult it is to invest or switch funds. ?? Jatin
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    Investing & Trading Online from USA

    I am NRI living in USA. I want to invest and trade in India. I have savings A/C and Demat A/C with ICICI Bank. They have ICICIDirect but NRI from USA can not trade. I tried HDFC, IndiaBull, 5Paise, and looks like they all allow NRI from MiddleEast and Gulf region but not USA. Can some one help ??
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    Confused - Sharekhan vs Icicidirect vs Hdfc vs Kotak vs Indiabulls vs 5paise

    I just got started with ICICI. I am NRI living in USA. Just got done opening Savings Account & Demat Account. Still have to line up Online broker. Reading everyone it looks like they have many problems. Can any one tell me what problems??