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    Index Analysis - Nifty & Bank Nifty

    Hello Friends, This thread is dedicated to analysis for Indexes Nifty and Bank Nifty including sectoral ones.
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    Making of a Trader/Investor

    Hi Friends, The purpose of this thread will be purely, focussing on small but important block of investment and trading styles. The ideas discussed will be of some of good traders and every word carry its significance. The thread is also about sharing some of distinctive thing i read...
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    Reading The Price Action

    Hello Friends, starting this new thread related to price action...why...its a skill every trader should learn, whether an investor or a should have a fair analysis of reading prices, then he can jump for entry/exit with other methods if at all required...human mind wants to see...
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    Charts for the Day

    Starting a new thread, 'charts for the day' keeping in mind, the daily requirements of investors/traders to have a good stocks to trade or invest... Hope to see..good participation from forum members...