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    Positional Call on Nifty Trade

    I pray Shiridi Sainath for speedy recovery of ur mom..
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    ~ n i f t y compass ~

    Dnt judge any bank by with market has more than 15000 branches, 30000 atms across the country...most of his customers are farmers... u can open an a/c at sbi with zero balance and no minimum balance charges. do hdfc & icici go for rural ? impossible.. Mkt capitalisation...
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    Edge in Banknifty with a simple strategy

    I started trading in Banknifty options for the last 2 weeks..and I got 250 points till now for one lot only...I go for positional rather than intraday...Bcoz in Bank nifty gap down and gap ups are common...And important thing is if I have an amount for 2 lots I go for 1 lot only..i use second...
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    Sbi atm card fraud

    Have u blocked the ATM card ? if yes,they will give ticket number. Once the card blocked it can't be used.. Pls make it confirm by calling sbi atm switch centre...( u will find it on backside of the card) New card will be delivered in 15 days and collect at PIN number at the Branch.. Pls...
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    NIFTY Options Trading by RAJ

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    NIFTY Options Trading by RAJ

    Raj Bhai, this levels are spot or future ? pls clarify..
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    re: Day trading Nifty & Banknifty Futures At what time will SBI QTR Results release ???
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    re: Day trading Nifty & Banknifty Futures How can u predict intraday levels of BNF ? Pls elaborate.. Thx & Regds
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    Bank Nifty Spot Calc

    Hi all, is there any online calculator available to find out the levels of Bank Nifty for intraday/positional trades?? Thanx & Regds
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    re: Day trading Nifty & Banknifty Futures Small change is that shorting 1 lot of NF and 2 lots of put...I think better
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    NIFTY Options Trading by RAJ

    Bhai does this work for Banknifty too ?
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    100% risk free way to cover intra day trade

    You has to buy stock always in intraday but can't able to short at high rates because it doesn't get converted into delivery... Missing shorts at high price of stock
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    Positional Trades by Raj

    Thanks Rajbhai excellent analysis..
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    Positional Trades by Raj

    Pls provide ur inputs on BANKNIFTY too. Thanx & Regds
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    Markets & After hours

    Once an Indian, an American, French man and Russian are in the aeroplane... In the air, American put his hand outside the door and said we are flying over America..everybody shocked and asked how could u come to know by only putting ur hand outside door without watching...he replied that I...
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    Nifty future trading

    It differs from person to person..i usually short NIFTY (1 lot).. My target is 30 points in intraday..if trade goes against me ,I go for positional trade upto loss of 400 points and again short for averaging
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    Markets & After hours

    Not Business..this is marketing ...
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    Somebody explain how SIP works unable to find the needed answer after googling

    In SIP, an equal amount will be deducted in particular time period (say weekly, monthly, half-yrly etc) from ur a/c and for that amount Mutual fund units or shares of particular scrip will be allotted with respective to their market value equal to deducted over period of time u can...
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    Markets & After hours

    Once a beautiful family, A Boy, His mom & dad, and his grandpa and grandma.. One day before going to bed with is parents, the boy said good night dad, goodnight mom, goodnight grandma and goodbye grandpa..This is listened by his dad but he forgot it. Early in the morning, grandpa...
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    Markets & After hours

    Raj Bhai, This is good strategy provided we should have enough money.. I short 1 lot NF, If it goes against my expectations then I go short again after 400 points..this method saved me in the sept expiry (nearly 25000/-) But for BNF 800 TO 1000 Points for 2nd lot short... If we have...