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    Data mismatch between NSE old and new site

    Exactly.... They are different series and screen shot seems to be from option chain .....
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    OlympTrade - Whether we can trust this broker or not?

    Cannot help you with headache BUT You can do fixed time trades in MT4. Also, there are few folks who allow you to trade commodities with MT4.
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    Not able to square off leading to auction

    This also might be a good time to read the 40 page long document that you signed with them in 40 places... ... and with a magnifying glass If the brokerage company has admitted "server failure" on twitter, it is most likely that they've gotten you to sign on a dotted line somewhere below a...
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    Are we all being ripped off?

    I got a private messate stating that SEBIChargePercentage is 0.0001% and Stamp Duty in most of the states is 0.002% Also clearing charges are applicable on equity and not f&o Rules regarding STT vary from trade objects' category.
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    Are we all being ripped off?

    Taxation experts and traders are welcome to examine this and correct any errors. SAMCO brokerage house on its websites seems to use 21% as brokerage.
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    Are we all being ripped off?

    Completed some long pending issue today. Compute out the actual costs of trading and get accurate number to feed to the Amibroker Backtester For a long time, I have realized that taxation component in non dabba trading was bigger than the brokerage being levied but never got around to pinning...
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    Free NSE EOD Data

    Hello Pythonguy This used to work when server was http but does not work anymore. Sooner or later, NSE C:\temp>curl -O % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current...
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    When you are ready to automate your system and let the system handle entry/exit and stop loss...

    When you are ready to automate your system and let the system handle entry/exit and stop loss. contact me....
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    Set and Forget - Index Futures Break out

    Good luck ag..... keep going....
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    Set and Forget - Index Futures Break out

    Happy Singh He said Buy at / Sell at. He did not say Buy above or Sell below. The word "at" is significant and answers both your queries 1) gap up/down scenarios 2) slippage... Naturally 5-10 points slippage is expected and absorbable.... but he would not chase 116 point gap....
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    versatile supertrend

    ok. Good sarcasm. Some things are good only if free. Some things are worth only if you pay for it.
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    versatile supertrend

    No.... It is not a better idea... This site is for traders, not hackers. Everyone has a right to legitimate earning and in my firm opinion, any software developer who charges one-time fee for a one-time work is not ripping off anyone and steal from him is absolutely NO-NO. From what I can...
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    MetaStock Code <> ThinkOrSwim Code <> AFL Code <> Posted Image AFL shud be written as Plot(ROC(c,10), "ROC", colorblue, styleThick); stdLength = 60; //Rolling=((close - MA(Close,stdLength))*100)/(MA(Close,stdLength)); Rolling=((Close - Ref(Close,-stdLength))*100) / (Ref(Close,-stdLength))...
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    versatile supertrend

    The developer is asking for rs 2500 approx. Why would you want to deny him that if you like his advert or idea?
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    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

    Code is way too long (750+ lines) for anyone to deal with it.... Also it very badly written.... Do not trade with real money or do so at your own risk.....
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    Anti-Virus suggestion :

    Wonderful idea.... Do you know of any such application that reveals contents of folders (junction points) that are too common in Windows 10. but if you click on them, you get a message "Access is denied" e.g. "C:\Users\MM7\Application Data" In Windows 10, a new folder named...
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    Anti-Virus suggestion :

    Where all have you been taking your computer to? You've installed way too many nav bars Step 1) turn off internet. open browser. tuen popup blocker/ ad blocker on.... remove whatever browser extensions you can Step 2) turn on internet and see if problem is vanished. If not... Step 3) If...
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    Does any vendor provides TRUE TICK DATA for NSE?

    Tick data is historic record of a trade data that happened... For a trade to happen, one party bought it and another sold. So, how can it be labelled as Buy vs Sell tick?