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    Using services of CAs all over India through online providers?

    Now that faceless assessment is here is it ok to take services of a CA not from local area but anywhere in India through online platforms or forums? If anyone used such service and are happy or faced problems please mention here. Thanks
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    Balance sheet making queries.

    Hello, I am trying to prepare a balance sheet for options trading. I have one designated bank account for options trading. I was planning to show the bank balance of this account and money with the broker as assets. What do show as liabilities? I did not have any position open on 31st March...
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    Separation of bank accounts and brokers for FnO trading?

    Purely from maintaining books and creating balance sheets is it advisable to separate brokers and bank accounts for options trading? 1. For example I buy bonds and long term equity. Now I want to do options trading. Can I use the same broker and show only the options trading as a business...
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    Maintaining books for Options trading?

    I am planning to start trading options. However I am daunted by the books to maintain. Other than Buy and Sell, there needs to be Index Options premium account, Stock Options Premium account and Margin account for both. Are yo members maintaining all these books? Is there any software available...
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    Query about 10 lakh high value stock transaction

    Hello, I saw that in the form 26AS, a new entry has been included for an aggregate buy of Rs.10 lakh in Equity. What exactly does this include? Will my broker update this information if aggregate value exceeds 10 lakh? Does this mean 10 lakh in one stock (say if I buy over Rs. 10 lake of...
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    How to show debt mutual fund loss in itr2?

    I have a loss of Rs. 380 in debt mutual fund in 6 months. What I know is that it has to be added to my income since it is less than 3 years so it is STCG. Where exactly will I show it? No column accepts negative values!
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    How to show meal and conveyance exemption in salary part?

    Hello members, In the salary part of ITR, this year it is asking for specific details for exempt income under section 10. However the drop down does not have meal allowance and conveyance allowance? Under which head can I show the same as exempt income? Meal allowance 13200 and conveyance of 19200?
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    Please help me in filling ITR3

    Kindly request you to point me to the relevant sections to post the following in ITR3. Since income is <2.5 lakhs, no books to be maintained. So it should go in the non-audit places at the bottom. FNO turnover 10 lakhs - This should go in the gross receipt row Loss 50000 - This will go in...
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    New options trader, need urgent help

    Hello, Slightly late in the day to ask this, but to keep the story short - new options trader, no other income other than bank interest. Made a loss of about 50000 on turnover about 17 lakhs. I never realized requirement to calculate turnover etc., assumed only profit or loss need to be shown...