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    How to Learn Discipline

    According to me discipline automatically comes when a person is focused and determined.
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    Discount Broker Comparison

    And what about their other charges such as account opening and AMC?
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    Things to know before Diving into Share Market

    You have really provided us with useful content. I do believe that discipline is the most important factor a trader should have, it helps in building a strong trading mindset which ultimately leads to more profits.
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    What keeps you motivated to keep trading when some of your portfolios took a loss?

    To become financially independent and stable keeps me motivated all the time.
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    What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

    I believe that the biggest mistake which traders make is getting impatient and placing trade out of anxiety and fear which eventually leads them to losses instead of profits.
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    What is the Risk for becoming a Trader.

    The major risk occurs when the traders do not manage the capital and don’t know when and where to invest.
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    Motivate each other

    For me the mantra is of Passion Patience Persistence Profit.
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    The top 5 things I learnt from trading

    Trading has made me learn a lot of things but the major thing I have learnt is to maintain patience. I have got to know how important it is to patiently observe the market before placing any trade. One wrong move can lead you to huge losses.
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    Have You Got A Trading Addiction?

    Rightly said, over-trading is done when greed arrives in a trader. One should realise that being impatient and urge to make quick money will lead to nowhere.
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    Hello! Welcome to the forum!

    Yes right, forums are designed with the purpose to resolve everyone’s queries by conversing with each other.
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    How to improve my trading

    You must not go against the market and take losses positively and learn from mistakes.
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    Is this really a worth while goal?

    Yeah, inner happiness is the highest form of health.
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    From where to start investing?

    Just make sure to have proper knowledge and analysis of the market before investing money.
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    should I have separate account for 2 different strategies?

    Exactly, it is better to start investing with a small amount of capital with whatever the strategy is.
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    Finding the path to my Successful Trading System

    Indicators can help you in seeing past trends and predicting future moves.
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    How much capital should be allocated ?

    It is better to evaluate the capital after the analysis of the market. One should know the current market condition.
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    "How" and "Where" does Smart Money trade?

    To make smart money in trading, you need to get organised, do consistent practice and learning.
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    The Importance of Trading Psychology

    I consider proper research the most important aspect in trading. Without the sufficient knowledge one can always undergo losses.
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    Inspirational quotes

    “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the air plane takes off against the wind, not with it.” -Henry Ford
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    Entertainment stuff

    You can watch “The Magicians” on Netflix.