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  1. XUV-500

    How to fetch NSE EOD data in Excel...macro

    Hi, Firstly I DON'T require data in Excel from trading terminals and feeed to charting s/w using excel. Members have posted such wonderful utilties. Mine requirement - i prepare watchlist of stock in excel and enter in some of them at appropriate times. Now is it possible to daily update...
  2. XUV-500

    Candle setting

    I am seeking a small help in setting - Database setting - is 9.00 to 16.00 ( if it's details are required) Problem is - When i plot 5 min candle- FIRST candle (i.e when NSE starts -9.15)gets formed only for 4 minutes and later subsequent for 5 mnutes. When i plot 10min...the first...
  3. XUV-500

    CUB-Rights issue- Do it affect market price ?

    Respected Seniors, I am small investor and holding a small number of City Union bank CUB. CUB has come with rights issue which will be offered for 20rs.CMP of CUB is 55 . Now my question is: In case of Bonus shares : Lets assume price of equity is 100 and if it declares bons of 1:1, after...