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    Strictly single stock (fno) stocks 1-5 days trade discussion

    Hey all would like to start this separate thread for all those traders who are trading Single stock Fno stocks only and trading timeframe is 1-5 days. I have seen most discussions are on nifty/bank nifty so please lets just discuss single stock FNO long or short ideas for timeframe trades of...
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    Looking for MR.BOSS

    I have a discretionary based strategy which i trade but unable to perform to the way i should. So am looking for a "BOSS" like figure who will make sure i am sticking to the plan and keep me in check.Not much would be needed from him just a few calls during the market to ensure that there is...
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    margin requirement in iifl

    Hey all would appreciate if some members who are trading especially with iifl can help me with regards to their f&o policy in the last few days of expiry when there is physical delivery and an increase of margins. 1.Is there additional margin of carrying futures lot from friday till thursday.I...
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    Btst charges

    Hey all i am being charged Dp charges(InterDepository Debit ) by my broker IIFL even if i am doing BTST trades.So was wondering if that is normal practice? As the shares are sold by me even before i get delivery of them in my account. Calculation given by them is ( Shares sold from your...
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    Name of this options strategy

    Hi all..What is the option strategy called when if someone is bullish but to protect from some downside:- Buys(long) ITM call and and at the same time buys (long) OTM lower put For e.g- Current Reliance rate is 1290 and am bullish so i buy long 1290 call and same time long 1240 put. I...
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    getting started with amibroker

    Would really appreciate if someone could help from this forum in where is the best place to download Amibroker and where could i get nse data for the same?
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    MIS in iifl?

    Does iifl (india infoline ) provide facilty of MIS(margin intraday square off) facility for lower margin in futures for intraday trades like zerodha provides?
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    stop loss order strangely executed

    Hey all i have been facing this issue with my orders last few days...would like your feedback.. I put a stop loss limit order to sell a futures stock with trigger price 204.60 and price 204.60 when the LTP was 206 then later when the stock made a low of 204.75 still my order got...
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    alternative to falcon/spider

    Hey all..I have been using falcon 7 RT since past many years and prior to that spider..i am very happy with falcon but was just looking for an update if there other indian software similar to these two ?Especially with events watch(high of day/low day is very important to me)... thanks...
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    Awesome intraday strategy!But needs filter

    Hey all i would like help in fine tuning my intraday strategy for f&o stocks. So the strategy is :- 1.Scan for stocks which have opened above or below yesterday high/low. 2.Buy/Sell when price break above/below the first bar of the day(90 mins charts) 3.Stop loss is closest minor swing...
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    If 90% of traders fail, why not just do the opposite?

    I think that if traders trade exact opposite way they are trading would turn the 90% losing traders into winners? ie instead of going long, short, and vice-versa. It seem that the best way to trade would be to share real time strategies (with bad, or really bad traders) and simply do the...
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    Anyone really making money in f&0 trading?

    Ok i have to ask this for people who trading in F&O how many of you are making money on a consistent basis month to month? Only those traders who are trading single stock futures based on technicals with time frame of 1 to 5 days please reply. Also,how have the last few months been.?
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    Discount Brokerhelp please

    Hey Everyone..I am looking to open a trading account with some discount broker..From those experienced can someone suggest the best one.My criteria:- 1.Trading platform for app and desktop should be good and fast with after market orders(not interested in charting platform as i already have a...
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    IRIS(spider software) IS IT WORTH IT?

    Hey guys wanted to know.. is Iris technical analysis software worth paying for Rs.50000/ per annum..or is there way getting a similar software(live block deals,scanning for breakouts etc) for free???? Thanks,
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    real time data anyone using??

    Is anyone currently using amibroker real time data?Can one view blok deals on it?How does one get the data for free or do you have to pay for it?
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    advanced get help

    Hello everyone, I would like this to know how to get free real time data for advanced get?How can it be done?Or do you have to pay for it? Thanx
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    Data for live block deals for intraday trading

    Hello traders, Does anyone know how to get data for live block deals for cash and futures market for nse/bse? Thanx