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    Why I can't ever buy banknifty otm weekely options in zerodha.

    Everytime I want to buy otm option like 200-300 strike away ,the order gets rejected citing RMS:Rule: Option Strike price based on Ltp percentage for Buy Orders . I'm almost never able to buy an option , let alone buy at a cheaper price when trend pullback occurs.It's happening since months. Is...
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    upstox stole my 20,000

    Good to see your problem got resolved.If you don't quit the stock market, don't trade like a moron .Don't use 1 min chart or those fancy order types for getting excessive leverage. With 3000 shares even with 0.5rs slippage in stoploss will hurt you big for yor account size. If you can't trade...
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    Upstox web platform multiple tabs?

    Doesn't upstox support multiple tabs like zerodha kite. ? All the charts are opening in the same window along with orderbook, position etc making the the screen very cluttered.There is no option to popout chart in a new tab. How are we supposed to trade if we can't see ?