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    Index Nifty (50) stocks- weightage,alpha,beta ,...etc

    I need the Index stocks ( Nifty 50) weightage, alpha, beta...etc. But, i dont know where is it available? How to get it?
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    Market capital Vs Net profit.

    Hai, i just read one book. They say check , MARKET CAPITAL / NET PROFIT PER YEAR. If it is more than bank fixed deposit interest, then BUY the stock . How to check it in website? checking every company is not possible. Any screener available for this?
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    Nilkamal Vs Wimplast

    Hai, Im watching/following Nilkamal & Wimplast for last 3 years.(From june 2014.) I expect wimplat is better than nilkamal,as per finanacial ratios,...etc. But,the App.return in last 3years: Nilkamal @ 700 % , Wimplast @...
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    Relationship between ROE, PE,P/BV.

    I just read the article in the following link. Its interesting one.Read it fully.(4 pages). They say ROP= ROE/(P/BV).Is it true? ROP - Return on price. pl.give me your view.
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    Bankniftyweekly option - One doubt

    Today BNF-20165 ( 22.9.16),@ 3.15 PM. But, The the weekly option 20200 PE is Rs: 65/- .Today is weekly option closing day. But still just 15 minits to closing Rs ; 30/- is higher in weekly option . How to gain it? or its wrong?pl.explain .
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    Option premium turnover.

    I need LIVE Total Call option & Put option premium turnover for every stocks Which website gives it freely? Total means grand total of all call option & ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, put option.
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    Malpractice in OI @ NSE ?

    Sir, I read it in FB about OI @ NSE. . The author says Change in OI must related to Traded quantity.OI is not related buying order or selling order..when some trade done then only OI increase or decrease..Is it correct, then every day ,every minit malpractice done @ NSE. Anybody...
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    Nifty - TR, PR - 1X , 2X....

    Anybody know about Nifty TR, PR- 1X, 2X..... This is newly introduced by SEBI and I see it in nse website . What is the use? How it used to Trading or Investment?
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    Gold , Silver, Copper - Option Price

    I need Gold, silver, copper - Options data about price, OI, Volume etc...Where is it available? Im also searching on net. But, Im not able to found that.
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    Review of www.Bullsstreet .com classes & Tips ( Especially tamilnadu Traders)

    IF you are tamilnadu and know tamil the article today written by bullsstreet author. In the article he said, He recommend TATA MOTORS DVR 350 CALL option @ Rs: 1/- on 7.8.14. Today (18.08.14) he said the option goes to Rs...
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    How is Bullsstreet classes ?

    I just saw the website In this ads the author teaches the techniques about so many courses and each courses @ 55555/- . I cannot believe it . If he charges every course , I think he will become a multimilioner as earlier .
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    Bank nifty stocks Beta value, weightage ... etc

    I searched for Bank nifty stocks - Beta value, weightage, R2, Volatality ... etc. But, it is not available till now. If it is foundout, send it to me. Note: I have not mentioned NIFTY values.
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    Standalone Nos & Consolidated Nos - Confusion

    Im very confusion about the standalone Nos and consolidated Nos. From google Im understand the Standalone Nos is a separate company numbers and the consolidated Nos are includes the separate company Nos with group of company Nos. Am i right? In between two which Nos are most...
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    How to find Industry average Numbers ?

    When i was analysis of Tyre industry , the average Tyre industry No. of OPM , NPM, ROA , ROE , ROCE , D/E, Cash flow is very difficult to find out. Even not available till now. Where is the information available in internet ? Not only tyre Industry. I need all industry details.
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    Why FII increased in KSS co. shares?

    In KSS oil, the promoters share is 0%. and But, FII increased the share position as per below in 3 months. KSS - Dec...
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    Must read article for Multibagger stocks.

    I read one article in BS. I think it is must read for Everyone to know the Fundamental of Multibagger stocks.
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    Best Indicator for Algo trading.

    From your experience pl.tell which Indicator is best for algo Trading? 1. Moving Average. 2. Average True Range 3. Average Directional Index. 4. MACD 5. RSI
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    PC ratio, CPS ratio

    What is the expansion of PC ratio , CPS ratio? Anybody explain it? I know only PE, EPS ratio.
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    Cell phone - Auto Trade?

    Hai, Im interested in cell phone auto trade. But, the auto trade providers cannot give such facility till date. Anybody giving such facility in India? pl.reply
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    Profit or Operating Profit - Which is Important?

    @ Im very confusion about Profit and Operation profit percentage? Explain shortly which is important to BUY the stocks in short/long term?