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    I need an Amibroker Programmer

    For a trialing stoploss you may use MA crossover where the buyprice or sellprice crosses MA using the cross function
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    create a trialing stoploss in Amibroker

    I used applystop, but the buy did not exit on reversal. Any suggestions how to get the last trading price.
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    create a trialing stoploss in Amibroker

    How to write a correct AFL to create a trialing stoploss using the following logic? Can anyone suggest.... stopprice = ltp -5 If buy = 1 If stopprice < stopprice (-1) then sell :confused:
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    My algo trading daily performance

    I subscribed to Robotrader, after payment tech/customer support very poor
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    rcrt robo !! any one used here for auto trading ?

    I subscribed to robotrader for algotrading, very bad customer support after making a payment.