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    Currency and Stock Markets. Daily Insights

    OPEC decision is likely to have short-term impact as focus turns to demand side Positive update on oil inventories in the US pulled WTI above the key level of $ 45, however, prices have been moving in a narrow box as OPEC is dragging its feet on key output decision: EIA data unexpectedly...
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    Hotforex Raw Spread Account for Algo - Your opinion

    Hey guys, please advice is it makes sense to shift from Hotforex Micro to Raw spread account. They advertise it as an way to receive such spreads on your trades that they receive from their LP. In other words they don't have any markup and earn only from fixed commissions. I wanted to know is...
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    Cryptocurrency trading via CFD?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if anybody tried to trade cryptocurrencies like BTC, Ether or Ripple using CFD contracts? I see that my broker Hotforex offers several crypto assets but trading involves no physical holding of cryptos what allows shorting them without covering. I'm concerned about...
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    Forex brokers advice

    I want to start using EA on two brokers - Hotforex and Tickmill. Which one is better or both are good? Please help.
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    Tickmill ECN Pro feedback

    They offer tiny commission on majors just imagined my scalping EA running there - almost double profit comparing to previous broker. Just want to learn more info about them including your opinion guys, thanks.
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    Bitcoin trading

    What do you think about bitcoin rebound guys to 20-30K. This purgatory period won't last long I think we have to start buying it or open long positions with brokers like Hotforex. So what do you think about that?
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    Guys please share your feedback here with them especially those who deposited more than 1K there and has withdrawn more than 1-2K. I'm going to start serious trading with 5K trading capital need more info and opinions about this company. Thanks.
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    High leverage: Pros and cons.

    What is your leverage guys?I use 1:400 from my broker Hotforex and find it far better than 1:500.. What about you?
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    Hotforex Zero spread account - demo testing??

    Hi guys, Can you tell me how to test their Zero spread account ( l) in demo? I make trades in their Micro one, but would also like to test their Raw spreads (as they stated in ZSA description) in that comission account. What is...
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    Hello to All!

    Just to say hello to everybody! Glad to see everybody there.