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    Price Action perspective using VWAP+SD and TF AMAs

    The idea of this thread is to discuss the Price Action perspective looking mainly at TF AMAs (Adaptive Moving Averages) and VWAP+SD (volume weighted average price and their Standard Deviation) this will give what the bias is in the market like strong bull, mild bull, bull bias, neutral, bear...
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    BANK NIFTY - as I see it

    Attempting to start a journal....have tried it before and failed to keep to it jotting my thinking on bank nifty to keep track and also to look back on what I did right and what I did wrong
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    Options - My way of looking at it

    Just wanted to jot down a simple way of looking at options, what it is, what to use when, some greeks (only elementary math rule of thumb type) and the like The idea is to understand different kind of options like ATM (at-the money), OTM (outof-the-money) and ITM (in-the-money) and what to use...
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    Hi, My name is Pratap. been trading for about 4-5 years, but only recently got into being consistently positive in trading. mainly trading bank nifty intraday with some addition trades in nifty. using bnf 3min for intraday with additional inputs from 15 and hourly TF in nf using...