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    Broker reviews please - alternate account -positional trading

    Hi, I am looking to open an "alternate" account with a discount broker - this will be more of a 'spare' account to the original a/c with Zerodha. No fancy requirements apart from the following: 1/ Easy to use web and/ or iphone app interface - only positional trades and largely delivery...
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    Nifty Futures - 1 min - Pre-2010 data

    Hi, I want nifty/ nifty futures 1 min data for period prior to 2010 for back testing. Ready to pay for it. Data vendors I have checked with don't seem to have it. Any long time traders here who might want to share their database? Thanks & regards
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    Trading system - coding for a fee

    Hi, I trade manually based on certain rules. I want to code my strategy so that it can be back-tested across multiple instruments in Amibroker. If any of you provide coding services for a fee, please let me know [preferably send me a message]. Thank you. Ps: This can also be an ongoing...
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    Stock management - positional

    hello, I am a positional trader - trading price action and a few indicators for reference. Although trading full-time, I find it very difficult to study multiple stocks. Often, I find that I miss out on trades - although entering late is an option, the position size has to be reduced [will...
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    Full-time traders from Chennai?

    Hello... I quit my job and started trading full-time since April-2016 - if there are any full time traders from Chennai interested in connecting / meeting, please feel free to drop a line here or PM me. Or if there is an existing active group of traders from Chennai - please let me know...
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    Amibroker - Learning how to use

    Learning to use Amibroker from today. Will save important "discoveries" and "tips" here as and when I come across them.
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    Advance Decline data

    Historical Advance Decline data for ALL NSE scrips is available at NSE's website here: Does anyone have the database for CNX500 and Nifty50 indices? Or if you can point me to a source for this - will be...
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    EOD data - NSE 500 scrips

    I want to prepare a database of NSE500 scrips. What are some good data sources for EOD data (say about 10 years). Would also need to update the data everyday. Don't mind paid service vendors if the price is reasonable. Thanks in advance. Sent from my GT-I9500 using Tapatalk
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    Random Gyaan

    File notes on interesting stuff I come across...
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    Trouble loading quotes

    hello! I'm new to AB and facing some issues updating EOD free quotes: 1/ Google EOD quotes Whenever I try updating quotes from Google finance, I encounter "Error during download. Error 404 (Not Found)!!1. Either the symbol is incorrect or there is a problem with the data vendor's site)"...
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    Guidance on choosing trading software

    Looking for advice on purchasing trading software - to be used mainly for swing trading based on EOD data. I understand that the following are popular here: Amibroker Metastock Metatrader Ninjatrader Tradestation While I have gone through their respective websites, can people share their...
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    Technical Analysis - Notes

    While I learn TA, will be posting notes here from various resources as a refresher.
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    Technical Analysis - Practice trades

    Hello, Will be posting technical analysis of my practice trades here. Areas covered would mainly be: 1/ Candlestick analysis 2/ Supports & Resistance 3/ Chart Patterns 4/ Technical indicators Disclaimer: Newbie here. Please don't consider these as trade recommendations :p Ps...