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  1. Taurus1

    Google 1m data downloader

    My contribution to the trading community........ a downloader for Google 1 minute data A few guys have been using it for the last month, no bugs reported The program is ultra light, at a tiny 36 kB, zipped it takes up only 11.6 kB. Download here ==> On a Win 10 or Win 8...
  2. Taurus1

    Nifty data wanted

    Wanted: Nifty spot data from inception till today without any numerical errors or missing days Please PM me with expected price
  3. Taurus1

    Request for moderators

    Hi Traderji, Over the last few weeks, there have been "incidents" which the forum was better off without. My suggestion ...... we keep a team of moderators on a rotational basis to look after the forum and sub sections. I request Traderji to kindly consider the possibilities and implement...
  4. Taurus1

    Pi Visual Styles error fix

    This is for TP and others who have the Pi visual syles error. this error is caused by selecting Windows Classic as the theme. Right click on desktop---> select properties ----> First tab-- select any theme other than windows classic I'm at a friends place.... he is struggling to install...
  5. Taurus1

    The Nifty Trading Lounge

    There is a lot of discussion as to how much offtopic is permissible, which is needless and unnecessary since subforums provide an easy solution. The "General Chit Chat" description says "Discuss anything and everyting not related to trading or investing here" hence this thread is started in...