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    Ninja trader 7 rt data feed

    Hi I am looking for rt data feed for ninja trader, also I need EOD data for NSE stocks and Indexs. Under 800/month plz advice if anyone using thanks
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    Looking for this AFL

    Hi looking for this afl... What is the name of this afl
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    Trading from Chart

    Hi I m looking for a broker who can provide trading from chart like mt4 where an entry, sl and target line is given m not talking about bracket orders. and shuld b decent brokerage plan. Is there any broker who provide leverage on positional option selling thanks in advance!
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    Can't See More then 2 month chart in Ami

    Hi Despite of increased no. of bars (40,000-aprox. 3year-interval 1 min.) in database setting and with backfill of 1-2 year, still cant see chart for more than 2 months... amibroker experts plz advise. thanks
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    Plz give me cyborg afl

    hi somebody please give me cyborg afl thanks
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    Cyborg afl

    Hi anybody please provide links for cyborg afl (by khusi ji) all links are dead in the post. thanks
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    Hi friends, I have new to trading... and looking forward to your help and guidance guys.. have no experience in trading... but i m looking to trade in equity and nifty... please i need help guys.... what to do... is there any good and cheap co. to guide me for purchasing stock...