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    What will happen to retail share holder investors (not the bond holders) in DHFL? Shareholders plz unite!

    Dear members, There would be few unfortunate members here who had invested in DHFL shares and did not / could not exit during this whole DHFL drama. Now I am not an expert in insolvency process and am trying to follow / understand news as much as I can. I wanted to know what will happen to...
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    How to see MTM of portfolio in NSE NOW?

    Would be grateful if anyone can tell me where to see MTM profit/loss of shares in demat portfolio in NSE NOW desktop and mobile app?
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    What is BSE's BEST trading application?

    BSE has launched BEST (BSE Electronic Smart Trader) desktop and mobile trading app but could not find more info about it. Can anyone throw some more light on it? Is it just like NSE NOW? If that is the case than why brokers are not offering it...
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    How to take short position for a month in cash market?

    I understand that in Indian stock market a short position will be squared off at the end of day and hence short position can taken only for intraday trades. However, in below mentioned stock recommendation, the analyst has mentioned to short Infosys and Tata Chemicals for short term / 1 month...
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    Allocation in SME IPOs?

    In main line IPOs... under retail category 1 lot = around Rs 15k. You either get 1 lot or nothing under NII category you apply for more than Rs 2 lakhs and allotment would be pro rata on basis of invested amount. In SME IPOs... under retail category 1 lot = around Rs 1.5 lakhs. You either get...
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    What is the time duration of such recommendations?

    I have been trying to see how much of these so called stock experts are correct in their recommendations. Are recommendations in link below for intraday or short term for the period of 1 week/month...
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    Any broker with zero account opening and demat AMC charge?

    I want to open trading account for a family member for long term investing and was looking for options with 0 account opening and 0 demat charges. All I could find was Finvasia, but since it is not much famous so looking for other options. Any suggestions?
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    Can a broker sell/transfer demat shares technically/practically even without POA?

    I am wondering since DP and trading would belong one and same entity so is it possible for a broker to sell (even though illegal but just for sack of clarify) shares from demat account of client without POA? Maybe do an off-market share transfer to another demat account?
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    Is there any broker who provides e-DIS facility instead of POA for their demat?

    RKSV has started this facility. But was wondering whether there are any other brokers who support e-DIS?
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    How/where to show allowances exemption in "Exempt Income" section?

    My employer is giving me following allowances.. Training Exp. Allowance Telephone-Internet Allowance Lta Allowance Medical Allowance/Reimbursement Conveyance Allowance House Rent Allowance Uniform Allowance I am filing ITR 1. In new ITR this year we have input these values in "Exempt...
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    Basic queries for SME IPOs

    (1) What is the minimum lot to apply for SME IPOs for retail and HNI categories? (2) What is the minimum no. of shares/lot to buy/sell of SME companies in secondary market? (3) Were can I see the list of SME stocks listed/being traded in NSE Emerge and BSE SME? Thanks!
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    CPSE ETF follow on offer

    I have few queries with respect to upcoming CPSE ETF follow on offer. (1) ETF is traded on exchange. So is the unit price market determined like shares or is it strictly bought/sold on NAV value? (2) What if I want to buy/sell the ETF directly with mutual fund house? Can it be...
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    Can you make money by short term trading?

    I have yet to meet a trader who has made money just by trading. But considering the sheer number of traders we have in our country, I wonder whether people are really making money? Logic being that if something doesnt work than such a large number of people should not be following it. I am...
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    Effect of bonus shares on stock price

    Query 1: ONGC went ex-bonus on 15th/16th Dec with ratio of 1 share for every 2 shares held. Now that is a very generous allotment and I was of understanding that share price will correct correspondingly. But when I see share price of last 6 months, it has been trading between Rs 150 -...
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    How to give feedback/suggestions to developers? is a very useful site. I dont see any "contact us" link wherein we can post our feedback/suggestions. Any help on this?
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    Difference between - RoI, RoCE, RoE, RoNW

    I would be grateful if anyone can explain the difference (not just theoretical definition or formula) between Return on investment, return on capital employed, return on equity and return on networth. Of course I have googled about them, but did not found anywhere explaining how all these...
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    Trading & Financial data for 150 companies?

    I want to track the trading performance and financial performance of lets say 150 companies (I have the script code & ISIN no.). Most of the trading portals give data on individual companies webpages. I want to know whether there is a way to download/view data (share price/financial...
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    Valuation of Jio, Retail in RIL

    RIL share is around Rs 1000. Out of this can any one help me to figure out valuation of other subsidiaries? And will those valuation be at book value / face value of investments in subsidiaries?
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    Calculation of average cost of shares for promoters

    In IPO ads I see that average cost of acquisition of equity shares for promoters would be very very less (Rs 1 or 2 and sometimes even in paise). I want to how is this possible and how is it calculated? Even company is formed than shares are allotted to promoters at par (=book value at that...
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    Power of Attorney and Freezing of demat account

    I want to know that if I freeze my demat account for debit transactions and give Power of Attorney (POA) to my broker then will they be able to debit shares from my account in that case? Does POA give my broker the right to lift the debit freeze and then debit my shares?