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  1. sandipsm2783

    Need to build 2 indicators - not strategies

    Hi, need to make 2 indicators in afl as follows: 1) Price Tracer need a moving line tracing (connecting) LTP tick movement with respect to the time setting such as START at 0920 or 0945 and end time till 1515 so basically speaking a Repainting line from Start Time to End Time showing activity...
  2. sandipsm2783

    Issues with Windows Services & Processes during Live Trading

    Hi All Devs and Mods, I have been using Zerodha as my Broker and Amibroker as my charting and analytical software. recently i tried to bridge hem both for faster trading and in that process the server is getting loaded by a lots of Windows processes and services cosnuming the whole 23 of 24 gb...
  3. sandipsm2783

    Need suggestion on best auto algo trader

    Hi Traders, Can you suggest me the best fully automated trading platforms for trading. I have Amibroker with global data feeding as well as my AFL file is also ready. As off now I am trading with Zerodha but it gives me error while order shooting from Amibroker to PI. Kindly assist me on...
  4. sandipsm2783

    Zerodha to Amibroker plugin

    HI All, need a plugin who can connect the Amibroker to Zerodha Pi software for order shooting when signals are generated from Amibroker. any support would be appreciated. any ready made & tested plugin if available is welcome. thanks in advance. Sandip Muttyal.
  5. sandipsm2783

    Moving Zerodha Trading platform and Amibroker to a Windows Server.... Need Suggestions

    Hello Mods, please advise if the thread is in the right place, if not then please excuse me as i am new here and need some guidance to move around and learn. Hello Experienced Traders, can anyone please suggest how I can move my Zerodha Trading Platfrom and Amibroker to a Windows Server. i...
  6. sandipsm2783

    queries on buy and sell of shares.

    Hi to All Members and Seniors, I have 3 queries which i need to understand as follows: 1) when you buy shares and sell it of any ABC company @ say 250.00 inr, does the stock market wait for anybody to buy your sold shares. the reason i am asking this is when i buy shares i am sort of...
  7. sandipsm2783

    Suggestions for Intraday in Equity.

    Warm Greetings to All Seniors and Members. I am new to this whole Stock Trading World so I request for Guidance from you all. Can anybody suggest Intraday Trading Strategies based on market pricing. I wish to use stocks from Nifty (the 50 stocks thing) to start and learn from. I had...
  8. sandipsm2783

    Warm Greetings to All.

    Hello and Warm Greetings to All Seniors & Members. I am Sandip Muttyal, Staying at Panvel, Mumbai. Have joined this Forum to Gain Knowledge and Guidance from any and all of you to reach y Goal of becoming a full time trader. I hope i will get maximum assistance and Guidance from you...