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    how is sasonline ?

    I m planning to open account with sasonline as they are providing 9 Rs per trade . I trade withe one lot nifty only and in intraday it is expensive with zerodha (20 Rs ) So please share your experience with sasonline
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    want to open a trading account

    hi I trade one lot nifty only as I m still in learning stage . I need a trading account whose brokerage is less I have account in zerodha but they cost one buysell=40 Rs Zerodha is good for those traders who trade in many lots So for me trading one lot is costly. So plz suggest some...
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    need strategy for trading in non trending days

    need strategy for trading in non trending days. Non trending days (range bound day) eats out total profit. So how to trade in non trending days. plz tell
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    realtime news website for nse/bse

    can any body tell me about a realtime news website for nse/bse . as watching tv always not possible. A website that updates news that can affect share market.
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    afl needed for candlestick pattern eploration

    Hi need afl for Exploring following candlestick patterns 1-morning star and evening star 2-bullish & bearish Engulfing 3-bullish & bearish Harami 4-bullish & bearish Kickers
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    budget 2013 coming want to buy call & put both suggest me

    As budget 2013 coming there may be a sharp move in any side so I want to buy call & put both suggest me of what strike price and month I should buy put & call . how much lot should be purchased ?
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    zerodha vs smarttradeonline which one better ?

    I want to open an account and shortlisted these two 1-zerodha 2-smarttradeonline plz tell me which one is better or suggest me another one my requirements are 1-buy/sell on phone and online 2-best margin in f&o 3-lowest brokerage in F&o 4-If RT data provided will be better
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    AFL expert plz help Error 702. Missing short/cover variable assignments

    while back testing in 'short' 'long and short' both it is showing Error 702. Missing short/cover variable assignments.In long working fine afl is here .any afl expert plz help and correct SetChartOptions(0, chartShowDates | chartWrapTitle); SetChartBkColor(colorBlack)...