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    STC India

    Good times coming in STC India. Watch out for the breakout , can do 258 easily. :clap::clap::clap:
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    Hindustan Exploration

    HINDOILEXP looks rip for tgt for 56-62 zones .... :thumb::thumb: range breakout plus , ascending trendline , tested 48 levels multiple times time to zoom....
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    Adani Enterprises

    Crucial juncture for the stock. Confulence Zones- 38.2% Retracement levels from 763 -> 126.45 = 369 100 % Fib Ext from 126.45 -> 286.3 ->210 = 371 Weekly RSI Abv 70
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    Dow jones / gold

    Can anybody provide DowJones daily Historical data and gold daily historical data ???
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    AFL for SH's MArket Correction Prediction Strategy

    Hi All, This AFL is for the method/principles stated by TradeWithHunter in the following post as per the link SH's MArket Correction Prediction Strategy The code has an exploration also with it.Happy Trading Guys :clap::thumb: Here is the code.I am using Ami 5.3 plus versions...
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    Prediction Techniques

    Need some help from experienced people here on Traderji. What are the best methods or techniques of projecting a statistical data into the future.Lets say we want to project Stoch Oscillator or for that matter price actions or Moving averages into the future. Is there any fixed / defined...
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    Tata Group

    Any news in tata group shares ? they fell like hell today
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    Capital Goods - Juices left ?

    We saw capital goods stock firing almost across the board ... Would you stake in any Siemens ,Abb or Alstoms of d world ? Provide ur views..... My picks Crompton Greaves
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    A K Gandhisim

    SUN TV Trade : Short CMP : 426.00 Date : 6th May 2013 Target : 414 - 402 :)
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    Oriental Bank of Commerce

    OBC charts are looking promising for an uptick till 28o plus levels :thumb: Would love to see it go down tomorrow :clap:
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    Tata Coffee

    Suzlon 9-May-2011 Suzlon seems to ripe perfectly for counter trading.Good fall from 57 to 47 levels.:clap: Stoch @ 7odd Chart is attached,critics are welcomed
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    Gann Uncle wants to say something.

    The stock market moves in 10-year cycles, which is worked out in 5-year cycles -- a 5-year cycle up and a 5- year cycle down. "Rule 1: Bull or bear campaigns do not run more than 3 to 3 1/2 years up or down without a move of 3 to 6 months or one year in the opposite direction. Many...
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    What to look out for breakout ?

    What to look out for breakout ????? Now that you know three tactical approaches to trading the breakout, lets look at how to recognize which OR breakouts are the best to trade. a quick checklist for evaluating a stocks price and volume action. Remember these criteria are used not only to find...
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    Wolfe Wave Pattern Stocks

    Dear Members, I am starting this new thread , where everyone can post about equities showing Wolfe Wave Patterns The Last Stock To show this Pattern was HDFC tgt was around 1630-1660. PLease Contribute to the thread for the well being of all our friends. Thanks.
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    Hdfc Wolfe Wave pattern

    Dear Members, This is for testing purposes (specially Mr Creditviolet please take a note of it). In Hdfc pattern seems to exist. According to my knowledge it might touch 1660 around 20th April. Please share ur views
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    Realtime data Thru PIB

    Closed Thread
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    PIB with RT MS AND AMI updation Demo

    Dear Members, Please download the demo from following link; Download the Msi file setup and the help doc. Download help as well ,please . converts pib data (from terminal ) into real time feed into metastock and amibroker...
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    PIB and Metastock Updation.

    Dear Members, This new utility has 10 -20 sec delay withreal time updation of metastock(even when charts are open). contact : [email protected] Please Note Demo will have the normal 2 minute delay , but when you buy it will have 10-20 sec delay.