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    Ipo openning next week

    We some money to be invested in IPOs. Next week quite a few IPOs openning which are to be subscribed and which are avoided. In my opinion Development Corporation Bank and Gayatri Infrastructures seems reasonable.Any comments from forum members:confused:
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    New Intermed Uptrend!!

    We are approaching 12000 on sensex and 3500 on nifty again. Where to go from here. This rally should last till what levels before correction and in correction where can we find support in a worst case senario for medium term.
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    High Volume Penny Stocks starting uptrends

    If you must have to put your money in five out of above penny stocks,which one would you pick. Traderji please reply.
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    Msp Steel IPO

    I had applied for 4500 share i.e. 9 times the minimum quantity and maximum permissible to retail investor but NIL shares alloted and all my 45000/- returned. I would like to know from the forum members as from where to get these data of no. of times oversubscription and basis of allottments of...
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    Msp Steel IPO

    Have you received the refund order? I have applied for 4500 share but still have not received any share or refund order.
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    Nifty Future trend

    Break out in which direction UP or Down?
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    Oversubscription data of IPOs

    I am a regular investor in IPOs and want to know from the forum members about the oversubscription details of IPOs specially fix price once which are to be submitted at the banks. I have searched the NSE and BSE sites but could not find it. If anyone has an idea about it please post its URL.
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    PRISM CEMENT - Low Price Stock Pick

    Traderji I bought Prism Cement at 21/- and bank of india bought at 110/-.Both are down by about 15%. What should I do?Sell and book loss or wait for the pull back.
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    Ten Mid Cap Stocks to consider

    Traderji, please do suggest the stoploss for the ten recommended stocks as five of them is already down by 6-9% till yesterday and correction in the market is yet to come.
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    Technical Analysis - Stock Pick

    I want to buy BOI,Allahbad Bank and Andhra Bank but the stock has corrected by about 3-4% on friday. Should I buy NOW or wait for some more correction? Traderji please advice.
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    CyberMedia IPO

    Congrates guys it was worth taking risk. As you must have seen,cybermedia closed at 105 today. A cool profit of more than 10000/- on investment of 24000/- in less than a month is very good. I am going to try my luck? on Provogue(oversubscribed more than 11 times already on first day) Uniply...
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    ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme) General Discussions

    Re: Investment in ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme) I am planning to invest in Hdfc Long Term Advantage Fund and SBI Magnum Tax Gain Scheme 93 through Systematic Investment Route (Monthly). Is anybody has a better scheme or suggestions.
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    Saksoft & Shringar Cinema IPO

    How is Saksoft at 30/- and Shringar Cinema at 53/-. Anybody has any idea about its fundamentals. Can we subscribe it? :confused:
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    will straddle of nifty option in budget period be suitable?

    In trading for unsual moves in Nitfty, I would like to draw the attention of our forum members that nifty options are of european types i.e.we cannot exercise it in the middle of the month as in case of stock options which are of american types. Those members who were there in the market at the...
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    will it be advisable to buy put or short nifty futures due to following reasons?

    Thank you very much traderji forprompt reply.
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    will it be advisable to buy put or short nifty futures due to following reasons?

    What is your technical view now on the market now on the market. Can we short nifty in small lots at about 2095-2100 levels with the stoploss of 2111-2115. Traderji please advice.
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    Punjab National Bank - PNB IPO

    Re: Punjab National Bank It is a book building issue and is opening from 7th March to 11th March. However, price band is not yet decided and probably will be disclosed on 4th March.
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    Nifty Analysis

    I agree with kkz59. Does it means that we are in a downtrend in nifty and the initial target would be about 1780 or so. :confused:
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    Dena Bank Ipo

    How is Dena Bank IPO at 27/-.What are the chances of loosing Capital in the worst case scenario. Please do comment traderji and other senior members about the technical side of the script.
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    Indoco prices IPO at Rs 220-245

    You are right that in small issues the allottment is very less and not worth investing big amount but in big issues like Tcs and Ntpc we got allotments as well as price.People earned money. About the regulator part,have you been to police station for some important work.Well people generally...