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    Conspiracy by brokerages not to allow buying?

    I faced a lot of problems in sharekhan.I wasn't able to place any order in sharekhan.Even worse when I transferred money from my ICICI accnt to sharekhan accnt the transaction failed and still the money hasn't reached me.Having a very hard time with Sharekhan.Anyone facing the same problem...
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    Future Capital IPO?

    Hi, Biyani's Future capital is likely to hit the streets on Jan 11 with the price band of Rs.700-750. what are the prospects of this IPO cos ther is also Reliance Power coming in on Jan 15.So jus want to whether to go for Future capital or not? Plz help me out here. -Deepak.
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    Best ELSS(Tax saving mutual funds)

    Hi, I too have invested in Principal Tax saver fund.There are 2 funds from Principal for the Tax saving purpose.One is the Tax saver and another is Tax saving fund.Tax saver is a bit aggressive and has declared heavy dividends and got high NAV of about ~.Rs.200. Tax Saving is less...
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    ETFs - Exchange Traded Funds

    Good ETF gold Fund? hi, I'm planning to invest in Gold ETF funds.Can some1 plz point me to a good ETF fund for gold in the market. -Deepak.
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    Existing MF Vs NFO

    Re: Comment on recent NFO's I guess Sundaram BNP Energy fund is a good one.They invest aggressively in the Middle-East countries.It mostly resembles reliance diversified power fund but sundaram energy fund invests in only energy companies.So expecting it to do good. -Deepak.
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    Personal Loan Query

    Hi, I'm planning to take a security loan by pledging my property.Can someone suggests banks tht can offer low ROI against my property. TIA -Deepak.
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    Medical Insurance

    Hi, Planning to take Medical Insurance.Can someone suggest some products across the Industry.I heard IFFICIO-TOKKIO is somewhat better.Any views about the product? TIA -Deepak.
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    Tax on Capital Gain

    Hi, I'm holding some of the stocks for ~1yr and sme I bought few months I need to pay tax on all the shares that I have sold or only on the shares that I have sold within 1yr timeframe.When & How do I need to declare on tax.Can someone please help me here. -Deepak.
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    Any views on GTL Infrastructure.....

    I'm also holding GTL infra shares and planning to sell it.I don't see any big movement in this stock for the last 30 days.Is it worth holding the stock for a long period?Any counterview? -Deepak.
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    Today morning(Nov5,2007) when I transfered cash from my bank account to the DP account(sharekhan),the money hasn't got reflected in my DP account.I was stunned and tried a lot and came to know that sharekhan server crashed in the morning.I'm yet to get my money back. Has anyone faced the same...
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    IPO Doubt

    Hi, I'm new to IPO.Planning to take Reliance Power.I have doubt.If I bid for 100 shares (bid value Rs.10/share for eg) and if I'm alloted say 10 shares.The price of the rest 90(Rs.9000) shares will be given back to me or not? -Deepak.
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    How to place call (buy) order in Sharekhan

    Hi, I'm a sharekhan account holder.I need to place a call(buy) option for Power grid @100.00.I want to know the premium in which it is trading.I can't articulate the display shown by them.Can someone please explain me how to place a call order for the above case. I'm able to get the...
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    Kotak Tax Saver

    Hi, I heard that Principal Tax saver is doing good now.If you look at the last 2-3 yrs returns it has faired pretty good.Recently,they have also declared a dividend of 800%.I'm nt asking you 2 concentrate on the dividend part alone.But if a fund house is able to declare a dividend of 800%...