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  1. Nimish Shah

    Infosys Chaos

    Three years ago, 14 June 2014 Vishal Sikka Indian origin American Citizen, but who work for German company SAP was appointed as the chief executive officer of Infosys and he started work on August 1. This decision was welcomed everywhere. Not only in the computer industry but in the family or...
  2. Nimish Shah

    What is the view on NBCC ?

    I don't understand this word "Short Term" :) Though Gross/Operating/Net Profit Margin declines I will still say it is good for Long Term Investment. Personal Views. Not Investment Advice.
  3. Nimish Shah

    Circular Trading Trap..Don't Be Victim

    From 1999 to 2001 Share Broker Ketan Parekh artificially increase price of 10 stocks (KP-10) by Circular Trading and sells own shares at high price and makes huge profit. But by this circular trading small retail investors getting huge loss, who didn’t know about circular trading. So what is...
  4. Nimish Shah

    Looking forward to buy Amtek Auto

    If your view is Long Term 3/5 years.. Start Buying Now. Its Low is 26. and LTP 46. The stock will fall more. But we don't know when it stop falling and start gaining. Don't invest all your money now. invest with SIP. Remember Satyam story when Satyam was falling everybody talks...
  5. Nimish Shah

    List of strategies which will not give you profits

    There is no any method in trading which Guarantee 100% profit or 100% loss. Above methods are your observation or may be you got loss trading them. but that doesn't mean it is same for other traders. There are different types of traders in market 1 minute Scalpers to 10 years Investors. So lets...
  6. Nimish Shah

    WTF..2652 Theory of Trading. Ticket to Ruin your Trading Life. Must Read.

    "But he has nothing on"! I AM THAT CHILD. Very nice observation. DayTrader007 Real Bond attitude.:thumb: and I agree we have to do exact Opposite what that thread says.
  7. Nimish Shah


    Debt Funds and Insurance companies are always using uncommon words hard to understand for common people. For example : Debt Fund Plans – Liquid money market fund, Ultra short term income fund, Short term and long term income fund, short term and long term gilt fund, Multiple yield, fixed...
  8. Nimish Shah

    Sensex Price Target Calculation

    :confused::confused::confused: Not able to understand what you want to say. Kya aap hindi me likhoge ?
  9. Nimish Shah

    BEWARE: Marking-The-Close Trap on Expiry Day.

    Thanks. Excellent study.
  10. Nimish Shah

    Investment by Sensex PE Ratio. Excellent Returns

    To determine the P/E ratio of Sensex or any company, investors can divide the stock price by EPS (Earnings per share) Price to Earning (PE) = Stock price / Earnings per share (EPS) By determine PE we can know whether Sensex or any stock is Cheap, Reasonable or Costly. Sensex PE = Sensex...
  11. Nimish Shah

    Sensex Price Target Calculation

    How Sensex price target calculated Lot of fund managers and analysts give price target for Sensex every year But it’s not rocket science most of them give it by multiplication of two figures EPS (Earning Per Share) * PE (Price Earnings Ratio) Sensex Price target = EPS (Estimated) *...
  12. Nimish Shah

    Is Downtrend Starts ?..Technical View

    As per Fibonacci Retracement Level Target is 6350
  13. Nimish Shah


    Hello to all my Traderji Friends