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    Books to read for basic finance & investment knowledge

    It may be silly but you have said basic so i will suggest first three Modules of Varsity . then you can move to any other books.
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    Emotional aspects of trading

    Trading is like spirituality or even games. it's mean there is not single truth so you have to find your own truth & believing in your own experience . for example if your temper is like kohli then you will act like kohli in frustration or your temper is like Dravid then you behave like it...
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    why does USDINR tarde on discount on OANDA ?

    why does USDINR tarde on discount on OANDA ?
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    which are topic of statistics every trader must understand clearly ?

    please also suggest good statistics book with easy language .
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    How does Option prices determine on expiry day ?

    Thanks for reply and suggestion. But I am curious about How 9000 CE price move between time period of 9.15 to 3.29 on expiry day ? what are the gain of option between this period ?
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    How does Option prices determine on expiry day ?

    I am new to option trading.Normal days options price are nearly arround Black Scholes Model's prices but on expiry day there is big difference between these two. so how option price work on expiry day is there any model or it's just speculative way the price move with respect to underlying .
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    suggest brokerage firm for unlimited trading plan

    I want to choose a unlimited trading plan brokerage firm . currently i have two options SASOnline and Prostocks . My main focus on SASOnline because of their Alpha web by tradelab platform but they have very bad customer support reviews online.