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    SBI trading online

    Hi all, SBI has launched a new trading website in collabration Motilal Oswal 3 in one account and Demat SBI and trading through Motilal.. Any comment on this and the brokerage for it. If any one got any reviews please let us know. the link for demo is ...
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    Web Sites You would Love to Visit

    website I found with intraday calls have a look
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    A good blog to read

    While searching on the net I found this wonderful blog written by a China born American Citizen. A good blog to read. regards
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    Confused - Sharekhan vs Icicidirect vs Hdfc vs Kotak vs Indiabulls vs 5paise

    Hi Traderji I need a help from you . There was a link posted by someone in this thread where a long list of brokers where given as this thread has added lot of weight I know it has been cut short. I request you to please add that particular post as that link is helpful in looking at...
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    Delivery Calls

    Hi Jai, man good efforts keep it up I like the spirit and your skills your calls surely shows your really worked hard on it......... well all i wanna say is Good Job Man.....!!!!!!!!! regards, gold_ranjit
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    Is it true that day traders are losers???

    Hi, I have no intention of discouraging any one so here is a stamina booster an old article I have with me
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    Is it true that day traders are losers???

    I found some article to read regarding this topic so can have a look copy and paste the url to view the pdf. these are two links am attaching just look...
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    Have a look

    Good article to read I picked up while surfing the net here's the link.
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    Comparision of all the online brokers in India

    Hi after seeing lot of queries from lot of members I am personaly checking with Angel trade people will let you know if they can give us any feedback regarding there services. Regards, gold_ranjit
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    Hi Ben, Welcome to this forum of Traderji hope you are going to get what you are looking for there are lot of good people outhere with whom you can exchange views and ideas. happy and valuable surfing... Regards, Gold_ranjit:)
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    Mistakes in trading by silent masters of Trading

    1)First mistake is fear because of lack of knowledge with this comes two things : Why it is happening when it is going to happen. 2)Exiting when you are not supposed to exit and entering when you are not required to enter in a particular stock. 3)Counting on blessings and prayers...
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    About Kotak securties

    Hi all, I have read this article recently and found our there is too much confusion in the minds of people as some says good some says bad trading machines dear friends....I did a study of different services provided by different brokers and used couple of them and checked the trading...
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    Famous Indian traders

    Wow man that was something nice to read............gr8 article........someamazing facts thats what I call showmanship.......
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    Good picks (date 29th oct 05)

    gud show man keep it up the gud job u doing. regards, Ranjit
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    Good picks (date 29th oct 05)

    Gesco is a good call. I have this in my folio
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    Angel Securities

    Hi all, am also curious to know about this broker if some one is trading through them please throw some light no this. thanx
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    Online Indian Share Brokers

    Hi Corleone WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ONLINE TRADING IN INDIA......... This problem is with each and every broker Corleone no broker can deliver technolgy in the best possible way...if we compare all the brokers performance is almost the same.........I am speaking this because I all ready had...
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    Elliottwave count for SENSEX

    Re: Elliottwavecount for SENSEX Good effort keep up d good job........... all d best
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    Who makes stupid statements that Geojit is the best? Read this.

    Hi All, After reading all your queries It seems people are yet to find a suitable broker yes ! its true its a money market so rules ethics and regulations sometimes slip way but still system has to work in a proper manner. IF you have tried it all then I think You must try angletrade...
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    Any ieda how is Fortis securities?

    Hi, can you tell me if Fortis has a valume commitment on there brokerage or have any brokearage commitment per month. any idea. Thanx