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    why Amiquate backfill not working

    solution has already been found use amiquote v3.06 Api of v 3.06 old version still works on google click on my signature u will see Amiquote folder go in there Thanks Brother works like butter
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    Google Finance Intraday data not getting downloaded!!

    brother link working please upload a new one
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    why Amiquate backfill not working

    do any one have any other solution
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    why Amiquate backfill not working

    Today on 12/9/17 Amiquate is not backfilling google data , is anyone else facing this problem or the problem is on y comp
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    Free ShareHolding Pattern Finder Software

    how much accurate is your software
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    Quarterly Stock results analysis ?

    Hi seniors , I am looking for a reliable source to look quarterly results , review and covers all scripts , i found one but they cover only major scripts Results come daily on Bse website so if there is any reliable source please help me
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    option course ?

    I checked Finideas , the courses are very costly the professional course they 57500 , not planning to pay that much
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    option course ?

    Thank u Shubhadip ji , any other names u suggest
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    option course ?

    Thanks pramod , thats a good source but looking for 1 on 1 training so i can clear my doubts i.e margin requirements , trade adjustments , selling on expiry and more
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    option course ?

    Hi All , I want to do complete option course but confused from where do it and or a really reliable mentor to learn from , please guide me to find good mentor to do complete option course
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    whats the use of ram disk
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    Does it work with zerodha pi too
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    How to add or delete desired columns in zerodha pi marketwatch excel file?

    In pi marketwatch there is a option available link to excel , i want very few columns in market watch so i deleted some of them but when i links it to excel , excel file shows all colums , please guide me how to add or delete desired in excel file .
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    [urgent] BSE ieod data for free and accurate data feeder for amibroker

    [urgent] ieod data for free and accurate data feeder for amibroker Hey guys, I came up with free data feeder for amibroker which i had downloaded from , which feed rt data from pi to ami called (pirtd) , the ticks are really accurate and very simple to setup . But the...
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    p & f afl upgrade

    hi there finally got an working p & f afl from any other forum but the problem is that friend having the amibroker 5.7 and tested it on ami 5.7 and i have amibroker 6.2 , i had tried to improve it but i failed and getting errors , please can any one revise it for amibroker 6.1 or .2 here the...
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    why point and figure charting is not famous ?

    Hello seniors and friends , As we we know xo ( point and figure ) charts are also developed with candles but they are not popular and very of we interested in them , i get renko , ticks , range , hiken and other new stuff but can't find a working point and figure afl or software
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    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

    sir , i need a simple afl scanner but dont know how to write it , condition Buy above if price cross above 12 sma or sell below 12 sma please guide
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    dear fellow members , i need rt data from google , is there any utility which is able to fetch data from google please guide
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    trusted broker?

    i had sent a private msg to u , plz reply
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    trusted broker?

    hi thanks at last for very wonderful blog , i am also looking for a reliable fx broker but can't find anyone yet , shortlisted fxcm , iqoptions and nordfx . even got a call from nordfx with indian support , all support given in hindi and they told they have office in ghaziabaad and will help...