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  1. Prajnya Desai


    In India, both Sharekhan and Religare are well-known and established brokerage firms. Choosing between the two, however, is determined by your personal preferences and needs. As a beginner in equity trading, it is best to choose a brokerage firm that provides simple online trading platforms...
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    Alternatives to Fixed Deposit

    Alternatives to FD Debt Mutual Funds Liquid Funds Equity Funds Fixed Maturity Plans Government Bonds Ultra Short Term Funds
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    Personal Loan Query

    Seems like an old thread too late to reply. There are several options out there. All state-owned and private banks are good. As far as low ROI is concerned you should look out for private banks such as HDFC, such banks that have a strategic goal to expand their client base. These banks most...
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    Car Loan

    Which bank is the best for car loans? My husband and I are currently considering HDFC Bank and SBI. My salary account is with HDFC Bank, and the car showroom has a tie-up with them too.
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    HDFC Home Loan Bangalore

    Seems like an old thread but here's sharing our experience HDFC Bank is the pioneer in Housing. It is better to deal with HDFC Bank because of service part HDFC Bank executive is more aggressive to give their best. You don’t need to follow. They will follow you for every step till your cheque...
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    Gold Loan at Lowest Interest Rate

    I would go for private banks compared to government banks in India. Government banks in India go through a tedious process when sanctioning the loan amount. In terms of faster service and very good digital reach again I would say private banks. You may approach major private banks such as HDFC...
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    We are looking for a business loan for an institution.

    I guess I'm too late to answer this question. You always have an option of Business Loans and there are several options out there. You can always approach major private banks such as HDFC for a business loan. Around 2 years ago my younger brother had applied for one for his start-up and was...
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    Finance for vehicle loans

    I'm not sure about it but you always have an option of Business Loans and there are several options out there. You can always approach major private banks such as HDFC for a business loan. Around 2 years ago my younger brother had applied for one for his start-up and was approved within days...
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    How do I get FASTag for my vehicle?

    Thanks! But my husband had applied for an HDFC Bank FASTag which we received within a few days of applying for it. Pretty much happy with their services both from a software side and the customer support. So far I haven’t faced any issues with it. Amount deducted is exactly equal to the toll...
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    How do I get FASTag for my vehicle?

    Since the implementation of FASTag in February got mandatory how do I go about getting one and what would be the charges?
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    credit card

    There are a host of options available. Overall, I would anytime recommend HDFC credit cards, I have HDFC Regalia credit card since 4 years and I'm pretty much satisfied with it. I’m more than happy with regularly getting a limit upgrade and offers...
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    CIBIL related

    If you are already a member login to myCIBIL, go to the ‘My Account’ tab on the top right of the screen, and click on the ‘Get your Free Report’ link on the page. If you are not a member create an account, enter personal details, verify your identity, and get your CIBIL score and report.
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    Mutual Fund Trading through HDFC Net banking

    Never faced any issue with their NetBanking you may contact their customer service.
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    CIBIL related

    These cases are basically called mixed files where the borrower's name/address or any other details may have matched with the defaulter. This had happened with my brother years ago and he was totally confused. Late he got some clarification from the bank itself that it wasn't his fault and his...
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    How many Savings Account one should ideally have?

    It only makes sense to open multiple savings account, if it is linked to financial goal/objective. If you can manage all your goals through a single account then nothing like that. To hold multiple savings account has its own advantages and disadvantages. You may evaluate the same depending on...
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    I need to purchase a large vehicle for my business. What should I think about when I am searching?

    Here are 7 things to keep in mind when purchasing a large vehicle for business. 1. Choose the size carefully 2. Keep the important add-ons in mind 3. Don't underestimate the competition 4. Consider aesthetics 5. Stay true to your purpose and review your options properly 6. Prioritize fuel...
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    is there any diffenence between on/offline shopping

    See the only difference between online shopping & offline shopping is that online shopping saves more money compared to offline shopping. If you hold a debit card or credit card you can redeem your reward points on the product and save more. I remember getting my OnePlus 8T online through Amazon...
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    Which company provides financial services in India?

    I'm not sure what type of financial services you are looking for but there are several options out there in India. There are several banks or NBFCs in India that can provide financial services. As @amazingAkj has mentioned above the list of financial companies should help you. I remember my...
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    A beginner, wanted to know some stuff.

    This seems like a SCAM to me. Make sure to do your homework, scan business news, and visit reliable financial websites before approaching someone.
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    Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

    The world is entering a volatile and unstable new phase. Scientists are increasingly confident that the COVID-19 pandemic threat will persist, possibly for years. The global economy is headed for an economic nose dive that could rival, even exceed, the Great Depression. With supply chains...