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    NSE Futures - 1min IEOD Data

    Please upload again
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    Upstox - RKSV - Trade in Rs 20 Max

    what is the RKSV unlimited pricing?
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    Is it possible to become rich by trading

    theoretically possible...grow your money..make you rich richer day by day
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    @ Zerodha What is the difference between NRI trading account and Resident Indian trading account?
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    Viewing a Desktop remotely

    one option is stream your desktop
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    BSNL Broadband Speed increased to 2mbps.

    Nice Information.. BSNL should come up with plans of unlimited use with high Quality of service
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    BSNL Broadband Speed increased to 2mbps.

    There should be true unlimited use internet service.
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    New Poll : Best discount Broker

    need of the times, comparison (pros & cons ) between different discount brokers
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    Are Brokers Deliberately Cutting Cord of Small Traders

    Q1. What is your internet connection type? Q2. who is your broker? most probaly this problem is from broker side?
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    Day/live trading internet speed?

    What is the minimum internet bandwidth/speed require for the Day/live trading? Thanks
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    Help me to find lowmargin option writing broker and lowest brokerage....

    experience traders may give the comparison between different brokers
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    Bullet Trader 3.0 - Testers wanted

    where is the link to download
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    Some Trade Simulator Sites

    Which trade simulator is best??