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    Goldman Sachs' Indian holdings

    heres the holding of GS. Icsa India Ltd Goldman Sachs (Asia) Finance 1624281 3.45 Indiabulls Securities Ltd Goldman Sachs Funds Goldman Sachs Brics Portfolio 2724875 1.08 Aftek Ltd Goldman Sachs Investments (Mau 3844117 4.11 Kingfisher Airlines Ltd Goldman Sachs Investments (Mauritius) I...
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    Indicator - pls exp

    the software is ensign cant say about the indi.
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    Yahoo Backfill Downloader

    MCX has changed its download/url structure. this needed the software to be upgraded. the same has been done so pls download the latest version from
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    Yahoo Backfill Downloader

    its not a software related issue. had it been so nse scripts too exhibit the issue. cant say for sure but i think its a google issue.
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    myQuotes - Free Real Time Quotes Software

    backfill is currently not supported. you can try my other software namely, Data Downloader for the same but you have to manually import the data.
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    Interactive Brokers India

    are you the official person representing IB, if so any plans to lower the brokerage/fees. in US IB is like a no-frill broker. but here, you are among the ones who are charging the highest in the industry.
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    myQuotes - Free Real Time Quotes Software

    ya thats on list. an update is overdue.
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    Realtime Data Feed data is from yahoo. it is live for nse. the other markets may be/are delayed, but you get 50+ markets.
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    Terror strikes Pune!

    two things, first the timing of the blast, given the fact all the khan controversy going on. secondly how the market reacts. after the 1993 serial blast (which is still the biggest attack in India) the market went up. its the markets way to say ƒul< . in 2003, during the haydays of the secular...
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    myQuotes - Free Real Time Quotes Software

    myQuotes cant backfill data. but you can manually import backfill data using my other application Data Downloader.
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    Google finance intraday live data into Exel sheet

    have not tried the same so cant say for sure. best is to try linking it :)
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    volum profile charts

    read mind over market
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    Google finance intraday live data into Exel sheet

    murthy, you can get the google quotes in google spreadsheet very easily. heres a sample this will get the quotes for google last =googlefinance("goog","price") % change...
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    how to get historical eod data from google finance

    you can get online charts from my site. data is from google and is split bonus adjusted.
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    Computer Switches off without warning

    its a cpu heating problem. theres too much dust in the processor fan. you got to remove those dust.
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    EOD Data of international markets

    you can use my software to get intraday backfill stock quotes from yahoo and google. yahoo supports 50+ markets while google supports 25+ markets. for eod you can try
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    Need Metalib or MetaStock MDK or
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    Yahoo Backfill Downloader

    working fine on my end.
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    Nifty Heat Map

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    Nifty Heat Map