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    Benefits of Health Insurance

    What are the benefits of health insurance?
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    companies Act 2013

    Clause no. 177 of Companies Act 2013 states that every listed company has to establish a vigil mechanism for its directors and employees to report genuine concerns in the prescribed manner.
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    Health Insurance Policies

    There are different health insurance policies available in the market. You can get an individual policy or even a family floater policy. I would suggest you check Max Bupa. I do know they have other options available for health insurance.
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    Home Insurance

    My previous home insurance policy lapsed and I want a new policy with another company, any suggestions?
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    Car Insurance Cover

    The best option would be the one which provides a car insurance, which you can use, in case of a mishap. Opt for motor secure policies from Future Generali which provide an instant pay up in case of a tragedy covered under the policy.
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    Health Insurance Policy

    There are various schemes by various companies but the future health suraksha scheme by, Future Generali, is the most adaptable health insurance policy which gives you the best service in case of any tragedy.
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    Enterprise Risk Management

    Financial advisory services are needed to manage and organize your finances. offers comprehensive financial advisory services that are matched nowhere else. Its network of thousands of professionals worldwide unite to give you the best advice for financial management.
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    IT Consulting helps to deliver improved business performance by working on the IT and business agendas together. They work directly with CIOs and others to create a more effective IT organization. By doing this, the IT works more to efficiently run and deliver improved business changes. For meeting...
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    Health Insurance Policy

    No, most health insurance companies do not provide cover for maternity under their health insurance cover. I would suggest my insurer Max Bupa that covered my pregnancies in the plan. Check their site for details!
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    Loan Against Insurance Policy

    If you are planning on taking a loan against insurance policy, you will get double the benefits. You will not only have the insurance but have additional funds for your other financial needs. Check with Aditya Birla Finance Ltd. website for more details on their services on this.
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    Companies Act

    The Companies Act 2013 made sure that regulatory checks, accountability and governing standards in India have gone up. With the creation of the Companies Act 2013, business and investors have benefited from the Act's appeal to Indian business. The Government of India has made the act official...
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    Car Insurance Cover

    Does car insurance covers damages cause due to accident?
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    Health Insurance Plan

    Is it possible to add my extended family members under the health insurance policy in India?
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    Pls suggest some good health insurance company for family

    If you want to buy a good, cost effective health insurance, check out Chola MS and their great schemes and plans from which you can according to your needs.
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    Pls suggest some good health insurance company for family

    Does any insurance company cover non hospitalization charges?
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    Looking for good travel insurance company

    Quite a few companies offer travel insurance. However I can definitely suggest that you check with Chola MS a travel insurance company offers cover for any unforeseen medical emergencies during your travel. I take travel insurance from them too. Check their website for more details.
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    Mutual Funds In India

    For mutual funds in India, Birla Sun Life is the best. They offer a wide variety of mutual funds that have good returns. And since they have been in the field for so long , there is a great amount of trust; which they maintain.
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    Monthly Income Plan

    If you need a mutual fund for management of your monthly income plan, then I suggest Birla Sun Life MIP 2. You will get a regular income and capital growth is good. You can browse the details on their website.
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    Travel Insurance Plan

    Hey Aarti; like other members suggested I would like to recommend you to check with Future Generali travel insurance, as I personally have same travel policy. I think it has some good features like; it covers you in highest number of countries, provides maximum covers and most important, they...
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    How to choose

    Hi Ankit; whichever insurance plan you are planning to buy you need to do a thorough research and need to collect good information about the product you wish to buy. There are several means from where you can collect information such as; web, existing clients, newspapers, brochures and company...