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    Fx lounge

    GST will not affect retail FX traders as we trade outside the radar, anyway. If I can trust few of my contacts (high level bureaucrats), FX trading might be legalised sooner than later .... Awaiting for that day ... To trade ... LEGALLY ... Hope it helps ... Shoot if you have other doubts .......
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    trading forex with local indian deposits

    No FX broker (in India) has a current account in their own name. Most of the times, its the bank account of their employees or bank account of a money merchant. I'm using both methods and never faced any issue till now. Hope it helps
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    deposit methods for Indian forex traders

    Hi. You can use local bank cash deposits, NEFT / RTGS / IMPS ... You can also use Angadiya's ... Hope it helps
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    Forex Brokerage For Sale

    When a brand new brokerage can be set up with 50,000$ (with all that you have mentioned), this seems way over priced ...
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    Fx lounge

    With this kinda strategy, at the most u wil BE or protect yr acc, nvr b able to make profit ... 1st, u shud nvr scalp 2nd ... Hv 2 different strategies ... 1 for trend trading, 1 for counter trend trades ... Write down your entry n exit and trade management rules and always stick to them ...
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    Fx lounge

    Fair enuf ... Work on compounding strategy ... I'm here, if you want to know how to and how much 2 compound ... regards,
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    Fx lounge

    I know this and more. Always try and open a decent account size, say 1,000$ and opt for FCA regulated broker/s. And if you tell me your entry, exit strategy along with a chart and tell me your trade management plans, I might be able to help you how to squeeze more outta intra day trades. Regards,
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    Fx lounge

    I have posted so many things, including analysis, MM, strategies ... in my 2 FX threads ... I do not have anything to post on my own ... But I can and will answer / solve any doubts reg FX ... Regards,
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    Price Action Trading ... Art and The Science

    Thanks a lot for yr kind words ... Remember me, whenever in doubt ... Will try to the best of my abilities to help ... Regards,
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    Fx lounge

    Congrats ... All the very best ...:thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    Is FOREX and Binary Option Legal In India in RBI Tearm

    I trust u did not get my point ... Make your post / answer / comment ... Constructive / Educative ... If some1 asks how FX trading is helpful ... If you just answer it is very helpful / profitable ... How will that help any1? State how it is helpful with understandable suggestions / advice...
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    Is FOREX and Binary Option Legal In India in RBI Tearm

    This is my own post in my other thread ... I answered his question in a pro manner ..
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    Ask Your Forex Question Here

    I trade with Hantec Markets and Lite Forex ... Both have Offices in India ... Hantec is FCA regulated ... Apart from that, my experience with both have been very good ...
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    A Strong Trading Mind

    ABSOLUTE GEM ... TAKE A BOW BUDDY ... We are all slaves of our habits, both good and bad ... Habits in our life, eventually, influences our whole Life, including our Trading journey and Life ... Imperative that, we have good habits and Discipline in our life ... That, at sub conscious level...
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    Is FOREX and Binary Option Legal In India in RBI Tearm

    Please understand, most of the things in Trading are not general, but completely Personal ... Trading is about the Psyche of the trader ... Trading is about "WHAT DO I SEE ... WHAT DOES IT MEAN ... WHAT DO I DO" ... The only thing we can control in the markets is Risk ... Define your risk...
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    Trading signals based on simple strategies

    You have to upload pik's using ... GJ made Symmetrical double bottom with Bullish Divergence on 4H TF ...
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    Introduction of raghav2invest

    Welcome aboard ... I'm a currency market (FX) trader Bangalore ... :thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    Intraday trading

    When the price keeps making HL and HH (up) and LH and LL (down), market is in trend ... When the Price keeps bouncing off between 2 key price levels, without breaking the Upper band or lower band, market is in range ... But range can be either narrow range and trading will be difficult. If...
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    Trading signals based on simple strategies

    A small advice ... Its better if you post along with charts ... A picture conveys more ... EU is outta my radar as of now bcs of lower ADR ... I do not trade any pair with less dan 100 pip ADR Stay in green ...
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    Into the field; help with binary options? Hope this thread helps you ... Feel free to ask any doubt/s ... Regards,