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  1. guptak03

    Help needed in excel.

    Hello Friends, I need some one's help in excel. I need a particular Row get colored when a particular cell of that ROW has the same value after a particular time. Example -last traded price is same as High at 2 pm and after. Note - Here as i fetch real time data from other source the...
  2. guptak03

    Nifty Positional Trading.

    Hello Friends, Here we will be sharing our views on Nifty for Positional Trading. our Target will be 100/500 points in Nifty using TWO lots Nifty Future every month. Targets,Stoploss and Trailing Stoploss will be updated too. Disclaimer: Trading...
  3. guptak03

    My Nifty Scalping Trade's to keep a track records..

    From 2maro(2/8/2013)i try to sclap nifty for 10 points every trade or sl of 15/20 point max on the entry ..its in testing phase so ill be buying option as per sclap ...Lets scalp the market only intra day:thumb:
  4. guptak03

    Need help to code a strategy .

    Hello fnds , As we know trend is our friend and price is the best friend..And there are lots of indicator which only trade on price movements and which will be followed by many crowd. Herei am planning to use volume and price combination which may give us good and stable results on trades...
  5. guptak03

    My trades on nifty to keep a track records

    planning to buy nifty future july only above 5831 tgt 5880 sl 5785 ....positional
  6. guptak03

    A unique Amibroker AFL code HELP !!!!!

    Fnd's as i have afl's library :rofl:.. i want some one HELP to do a unique code .. THE CODE AS FALLOWS ... i want a buy signal has to be changed as sell signal and same for sell it has to be buy signal ...with buy,sell,cover,short too for back testing .. i now many will laugh on me...
  7. guptak03

    Simple Adx afl for amibroker..

    Hello TJ friend's with the help of subroto ji (Sr114),we have created a afl on amibroker default adx with buy and sell arrows and little modification test this live and please give us feed backs and suggestion's ......... _SECTION_BEGIN("Background_Setting"); SetChartBkGradientFill(...