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    UNIT - Trying Trade to live

    it is showing negative returns for nifty all time frames...
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    Consistent profits using Trendlines

    i find trendlines to be pretty useful too... but can u tell me exactly how u use the 30min pivot points an ema? thanks
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    Muhurat Trading Tips & Tricks

    can someone post a picture of last year's muhurat day nifty chart? it was on Oct 28, i think thanks
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    Muhurat Trading Tips & Tricks

    Hi I know tomorrow everyone will be buying with a long term perspective in mind... but I want to know how to trade tomorrow... Firstly, there is a 99% chance of the market going up tomorrow. Also, we should focus on mid/small cap stocks as they will see highest movement... so please...
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    SunTV Stock Manipulation??

    Hi! today the stock opened at 329 and steadily went till 345 and hovered around that level for around an hour. then suddenly, within 2 minutes, the stock price went to 373...and it came back down to 350 again in some time. the stock closed up 10%, but what could be the reason for the spike?
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    True Data India [TDI] : What are your experience - worth subscribing RT service??

    i have tried 2 different yahoo data providers, and have concluded that the data is always 3-5 mins delayed. going to get esignal data feed from next month...$108 per month for actual real time data of all stocks/futures of NSE
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    Amibroker afl for dhiraj 2652 method

    also, buy/sell signals are not appearing on the charts... :(
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    Amibroker afl for dhiraj 2652 method

    hi vinod...thanks for the modifications.... can u tell what the following parameters do? factor filter trade above risk amount SAR- acceleration, max acceleration... thanks!
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    Nobody is tying bell around cats neck...

    ok...thanks...lets see how your calls perform...
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    Angel broking: Cheap brokerage and excellent service.

    there is no volume commitment for the current brokerage rates... if daily volume exceeds 25 lakhs, they will reduce brokerage to 0.01% (charged only on one side of a trade)
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    Angel broking: Cheap brokerage and excellent service.

    hi today I have been offered the following plan: account opening charges = Rs.740 (Demat + Trading account, no annual charges for two years, Rs.300/annum from 3rd year) Brokerage: 0.02% for Intraday and FnO, (charged only on 1 side) 0.2% for delivery They have promised to reduce brokerage to...
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    "Game of stock market"

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    Amibroker afl for dhiraj 2652 method

    great post vinod :) thanks so much for taking the time for making this afl and also for explaining the parameters. maybe u should paste your post in a txt file and bundle it with the afl as a readme, so that whoever downloads can understand the parameters... by the way, how many people here...
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    Amibroker afl for dhiraj 2652 method

    how to set parameters for 5min charts of hindalco? thanks
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    Those who believed...earned..thanks to god not me

    pls give ur email id...i want to talk to you...
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    How Many Of Us Do Full Time Trading?

    ^^ does the broker charge you for using this service? also what terminal does he provide? and how much brokerage does he charge? what is your approx daily turnover? sorry to ask so many questions, but i think what u r doing is unique...
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    Cheapest broker for Nifty index futures??

    i'm sure i am paying less than 40 rupees per trade
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    Cheapest broker for Nifty index futures??

    with icicidirect, i have to pay 4.5 points as brokerage for each trade. :( with rkglobal, i pay less than 0.5 points per trade :)
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    What does this code signify?

    Opt1 = Param("% Zig (Change)",0.1,0,1,0.05); Opt2 = Param("Min. Allowable Duration",1,1,20,1); Z = Zig(C,Opt1); Buy = Z < Ref(Z,1) AND Z < Ref(Z,-1); Sell = Z > Ref(Z,1) AND Z > Ref(Z,-1); Buy = Buy AND BarsSince(Sell) > Opt2; Sell = Sell AND BarsSince(Buy) > Opt2; Short = Sell...