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    Muhurat Trading Tips & Tricks

    Hi I know tomorrow everyone will be buying with a long term perspective in mind... but I want to know how to trade tomorrow... Firstly, there is a 99% chance of the market going up tomorrow. Also, we should focus on mid/small cap stocks as they will see highest movement... so please...
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    SunTV Stock Manipulation??

    Hi! today the stock opened at 329 and steadily went till 345 and hovered around that level for around an hour. then suddenly, within 2 minutes, the stock price went to 373...and it came back down to 350 again in some time. the stock closed up 10%, but what could be the reason for the spike?
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    What does this code signify?

    Opt1 = Param("% Zig (Change)",0.1,0,1,0.05); Opt2 = Param("Min. Allowable Duration",1,1,20,1); Z = Zig(C,Opt1); Buy = Z < Ref(Z,1) AND Z < Ref(Z,-1); Sell = Z > Ref(Z,1) AND Z > Ref(Z,-1); Buy = Buy AND BarsSince(Sell) > Opt2; Sell = Sell AND BarsSince(Buy) > Opt2; Short = Sell...
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    Nifty Futures Live 1-Minute Data Needed

    Hi! I need real time data for Nifty Futures. The data should be of 1-minute tick. I trade only nifty futures and do not require any other data. I need this data for Metastock. Kindly give your advice regarding which vendor provides the best data for my needs. Thanks
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    Casino Trading

    This is a request to all the coding experts to please take a look at this AFL... ///// Trading system to be evaluated Buy = Cross( Close, EMA(Close, 15) ); Sell = Cross( EMA(Close, 15), Close ); /////////////////////////////////// e = Equity(1); tradeend = Sell; profit = e - ValueWhen(...
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    ATR Study

    Hi! Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this code? //* ATR Study: */ Exclude = MA(V,50)<200 ; MaxGraph = 12; Graph0 = C; Graph0Color = 1; Graph0Style = 64; BuyOffSet = 18;//Optimize("BuyOffSet",18,15,20,1); SellOffset = BuyOffSet;//Optimize("SellOffset",2,2,14,2)...