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    Nifty-Super Trend Strategy with partial profits every trade.

    Hi, Supertrend is a nice indicator. Have you tasted it with other indicators such as EMA and slow stochastic. Supertrend indicator is more successful in a volatile market. What has been your experience now. Thanks
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    Learn to spot high profit signals

    Hi, It is very simple. The 5 mint candle should break the supertrend indicator support and using 20 EMA and stochastic overbought level near 60-80 helps remove some noise from it. It gives few very accurate signals. Supertrend indicator is not available everywhere. I use traderscockpit...
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    BUY SELL SIGNAL which is working

    what is that please elaborate. thanks
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    Learn to spot high profit signals

    Hi, I am analysing a signal. Trade set up : 1. Supertrend 5 Mint tick 2. 20 EMA 3. Slow stochastics Sell when 5 Minute bar convincingly breaks the supertrend support and 20 EMA. Slow stochastic should be close to oberbaught. There was a fine trade today in Nifty today...
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    Turn false signals into profit

    How Supertrend Had given you 500-600 points gain Hi, ' Have you reead about supertrend?
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    Karthik's 315 Pullback Strategy (Intraday & EOD)

    Hi, Can we use this in a combination with Supertrend indicator?
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    Recovering My losses

    Hi, Don't be greedy. Dont trade in stock futures. Thanks
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    General Trading Chat

    Hi, I bought two stocks Infosys and LIC Housing Finance. Thanks Vikash Kumar
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    A learner's trading diary

    Hi, I have gone for long positions in LIC Housing finance and Infosys two days ago based on the supertrend indicator. Thanks
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    General Trading Chat

    Hi, It's great to hear from all of you. I am posting a technical chart of nifty. Combining supertrend indicator with moving average crossover can give great results. Just see the picture of Infosys limited. I have used following system: 12 days and 20 days moving crossover and...
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    Learning to catch High Probability Breakouts

    Hi, Looking for Doji symbol can give many times powerful trend reversal signals. The presence of doji after a sustained uptrend and downtrend can often mark the indecision of participant traders. But it is better if it is on the upper or lower bollinger band. It will avoid false signals...
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    General Trading Chat

    Will Mahindra and Mahindra Go Downward: General Trading chat Hi, I have tried a trading system on traderscockpit. It is as follows: 1. Broken down the support of Supertrend Indicator 2. Should be at the upper Bollinger band. 3. Below the 20 days moving crossover. See the...
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    Master the craft of Candlestick charting?

    My interest area is trend reversal and candlesticks. I am also a great admirer of fundamental analysis which everybody should study. Here I want to discuss Doji which can be a powerful indicator trend reversal as well. :lol: In most of the cases Doji has correctly marked the change of...
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    Price action with Candlestick Analysis(No indicators)

    Can anybody analyse this chart.
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    Hi Smart Traders! Come down to share our ideas.

    Dear fiends, ed to stay active on this forum as you guys are really smarter and we can add little knowledge from everybody. I was ardent fan of fundamental analysis and things like support.resistance, pivot and candlestick was quite disdaining word for me. I passed my CFA-Level- 2 FROM usa and...